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Karen DeGeurin With our Houston office now up and running, we can thank our Houston Regional Sales Director, Karen DeGeurin for all her hard work. DeGeurin has been with Empower for a few months now and has already accomplished many feats. From getting new agents on board, working with agents […]

Karen DeGeurin: Leaving a Footprint in the Houston Market

We all have heard of it, but what is Lyme disease? Why is Lyme disease a danger to our health and how can someone contract it? What are the symptoms of the disease? How are we able to cure it? These are all important questions to ask, especially when we […]

Why is Lyme Disease a Danger? You Should Understand the ...

Preventive health screenings can help your health in many ways. Whether it be through testing or detecting diseases before symptoms arise, or even a way to maintain current risk. These screenings can help you prepare for the unexpected. Preventive health screens are important for adults of all ages but particularly […]

Preventive health screenings can help your health: Here’s Why

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Services Medicare Doesn’t Cover That You Might Need Seniors who rely on Medicare have a good chance of still having holes in certain service areas. These services that are not covered by your plan, leave you at risk of suffering the cost if you visit your provider. Some services that […]

Services that are not covered By Your Medicare Plan

Social Determinants
Humana Launches Program Regarding Social Determinants Of Health The health company Humana has always supported its clients beyond healthcare. Recently they announced a new way of doing this through a value-based care payment initiative. Through this new means, the company will address nonmedical heal risk that might be affecting the […]

Social Determinants Of Health Being Tackled By Humana

Since the early 1980s, tattoos have become more popular in the U.S. As of the decade, almost four of every 10 people born have at least one. Tattoos vary in shape, size, color, & design some thoughtful others not so much. Although tattoos have become a norm in society and […]

Tattoos: What Risk Can Come With Body Modifications

With AI tech slowly being integrated more into healthcare, we are seeing its benefits with breast cancer detection. One story reported by Cnet.com describes the benefits of AI with a breast cancer diagnosis. In some cases, it was able to detect cancer that was missed by human eyes. Although the […]

Breast Cancer Detection Sees Better Results With AI

U-Haul recently announced it would no longer be hiring those who use nicotine in any form, in 21 states. The company takes pride in promoting and empowering a healthy workforce, implementing the changes on February 1st. Although the change won’t affect those hired prior to the change, the change in […]

Nicotine Usage In The WorkForce: Is U-Hauls New Hiring Policy ...

According to a news article released by U.S. News & World Report, the 2020 best diets for 2020 are here. By evaluating 35 of the most popular diets, the organization has now identified which are top-rated for your fitness and health goals. With the new year here and many resolutions […]

Diets To Start In 2020 That Bolster Health Benefits

Why is healthcare so expensive? One reason is due to annual healthcare waste, whether that be a failure of care delivery to overtreatment. The range of money wasted annually seems to be between $760 to $935 billion, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article from October states […]

Waste In Healthcare Has Risen to $760 to $935 billion ...