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Medicare isn’t free, and depending on your coverage needs your out-of-pocket could continue to rise according to a report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. The study expects prices for premiums and out-of-pocket prescription drug costs could be somewhere up to $130,000 for men and $146,000 for women. Medicare costs […]

Medicare Costs Are High: Where Is Your Money Going

What seniors should expect when dealing with Medicare? Today we go over Hot topics that await in the 2020-2021 season! Why Medicare Reviews are important Why is an annual Medicare review important? Medicare plans and the coverage they provide change every year. Your doctor might not be in your plan’s […]

Medicare 2020-2021: What Seniors Should Expect

The Trump administration issues a call to action based on new data detailing the COVID-19 impact, on Medicare beneficiaries, CMS announces. Older Americans as well as those with chronic conditions are at more risk fro COVID-19 confirming the disparities in health outcomes for racial and ethnic minority groups and low-income […]

Medicare Beneficiaries & COVID-19: Trump Administration Call to Action

CMS rules are receiving a change that gives states more flexibility to enter into value-based purchasing agreements with drugmakers for new and pricey products. This proposed change in rule by the Trump administration will remove current barriers that allow each state to develop these agreements with current drug companies. CMS […]

CMS Rules Are Receiving a Change Involving Drug Agreements

Healthcare fraud exceeds $2 billion again making it the tenth year in a row according to an article released by the Department of Justice. With the current rate of changes in how medical care is provided, it has made the professional medical liability market a dynamic one. From an interview […]

Healthcare fraud tops $2 Billion Again, 10th Year in A ...

Karen DeGeurin With our Houston office now up and running, we can thank our Houston Regional Sales Director, Karen DeGeurin for all her hard work. DeGeurin has been with Empower for a few months now and has already accomplished many feats. From getting new agents on board, working with agents […]

Karen DeGeurin: Leaving a Footprint in the Houston Market

We all have heard of it, but what is Lyme disease? Why is Lyme disease a danger to our health and how can someone contract it? What are the symptoms of the disease? How are we able to cure it? These are all important questions to ask, especially when we […]

Why is Lyme Disease a Danger? You Should Understand the ...

Preventive health screenings can help your health in many ways. Whether it be through testing or detecting diseases before symptoms arise, or even a way to maintain current risk. These screenings can help you prepare for the unexpected. Preventive health screens are important for adults of all ages but particularly […]

Preventive health screenings can help your health: Here’s Why

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Services Medicare Doesn’t Cover That You Might Need Seniors who rely on Medicare have a good chance of still having holes in certain service areas. These services that are not covered by your plan, leave you at risk of suffering the cost if you visit your provider. Some services that […]

Services that are not covered By Your Medicare Plan

Social Determinants
Humana Launches Program Regarding Social Determinants Of Health The health company Humana has always supported its clients beyond healthcare. Recently they announced a new way of doing this through a value-based care payment initiative. Through this new means, the company will address nonmedical heal risk that might be affecting the […]

Social Determinants Of Health Being Tackled By Humana