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Health insurance is a hot topic during the final quarter of the year, mostly due to selling times. AEP & OEP are both selling times that take place from October through December. During this time agents are reaching out to clients to review, replace, & renew previous plans. This time […]

Ancillary Plans And The Benefits of Having One

Facebook continues its stride in the technology field, this time launching a new feature that helps suggest preventive health screenings. The new app called Preventive Health is now available on all IOS devices as well as Android devices. Working with recommendations from guidelines associated with the American Cancer Society, the […]

Preventive Health App: Facebook Offering Help To Manage Your Health

Fitbit Purchased By Google: Why This Move Makes Sense The parent company of Google, Alphabet, announced November 1st that they would be acquiring tech/fitness tracker Fitbit. Fitbit has made a name for itself as an activity tracker, wireless-enabled wearable technology device. It is able to measure data such as steps […]

Fitbit Purchased By Google: Why This Move Makes Sense

Medicare can often be confusing for those outside the insurance world. Whether it’s finding a plan that meets your special needs or a plan for as cheap as possible, you might be in for a lot of digging if you choose to do it by yourself. This is where insurance […]

Insurance Agent: Is Having an Agent Really That Important?

When speaking on Medicare supplements, many understand the Medigap plans, are offered in 10 different standardized plans. These plans are differentiated by letters A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M,& N. What many don’t know is as of 2020 Plan F, considered the most comprehensive of the plans, will be going away. Being the top sold […]

Medigap Plan F Going Away At The End of 2019, ...

As you may already know as a person on Medicare, it does not provide the total coverage you need. This gap in your plan can lead to you not being fully protected and often times the cost can still add up. Many tend to turn to the old faithful Medigap […]

How To Pick The Best Medicare Supplement Plans

On April 15th & 16th, Empower Brokerage flew in the top producing agents around the country to participate in our annual Senior Summit 2019. Kicking Off The Morning Right Monday morning started off by busing in the agents to Empower’s Southlake office. Refreshments were served while agents were able to […]

Empower Brokerage 2019 Senior Summit Day 1

Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinet: What You Need to Have in Your Closet You’re at home and one of your friends accidentally cuts themselves. You look around your house but can’t find bandages. There’s no gauze. You want to clean the wound searching for hydrogen peroxide but can’t find any. This happens more frequently in households […]

Medicine Cabinet: What You Need to Have in Your Closet

Circadian Rhythm: How to Fix Your Bodies Inner Clock This one is for those breakfast skippers and those who like to sleep a lot. Eating food restores our energy and helps our bodies function at a higher level. Although what we eat is important for good health and energy, growing […]

Circadian Rhythm: How To Fix Your Bodies Inner Clock