Mutual of Omaha to Offer New Healthy Lifestyle Program to Medicare Supplement Customers. 126
Empower Brokerage does not operate the Mutually Well program. If you have questions about Mutually Well, please contact their customer service Monday – Friday 8 am – 8 pm, EST at one of their phone numbers below. For English: 1-888-572-7826 and for Spanish: 1-888-835-2514 You can also e-mail them at help@mutuallywell.com Mutual of […]

Mutual of Omaha offers Mutually Well to Medicare customers

In continuation of our “Are hospitals clean?” series, this post explores new cleaning technologies that are helping hospitals stay cleaner, longer. These methods will help reduce the number of patients with healthcare associated infections (HAIs). The number of HAIs has significantly reduced over the years. We can win this infectious […]

Are Hospitals Clean Enough? New Technology Can Make Hospitals Cleaner