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Coverage for Acupuncture Suffering from chronic lower back pain? While this is a frustrating situation, the good news is that Medicare Part B may cover acupuncture treatments for you. Acupuncture has long been known for its benefits of relieving muscle pain and tension and has become an increasingly popular choice […]

Medicare for Acupuncture

communication between the generations
Having different communication styles is to be expected between people. It is all dependent on location, the way you grew up, cultural differences, etc. There is an added layer when you take into consideration generational differences. It is not only that there are different terms and communication styles, but there […]

Difference in Communication Between the Generations

Marriage and Family Therapy
The Ultimate Collective Everyone has their own idea of what a family is.  Some assert that families are tight-knit groups of blood relatives while others favor found families of friends.  There are sprawling families, sparse families, families that function as refuges, and families that feel lonely even when they’re together.  […]

Will Medicaid Pay for My Marriage and Family Therapy?

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Savings Program for Medicare Part D The Extra Help program may be available to people wanting to participate in a Medicare Part D insurance plan. When someone enrolls in Medicare’s Part A and Part B medical insurance, they have the additional option of also enrolling in a Part D plan […]

Medicare Extra Help Program

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Extension Announcement The hardships brought on by the ongoing pandemic have brought about changes in the 2021 Special Enrollment Period for Marketplace health insurance. President Biden announced towards the end of March that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services would be extending the Special Enrollment Period to August 15, […]

Special Enrollment Period Extension

Planning for retirement
Planning for Retirement Planning for retirement has a lot to do with saving money. The average American aged 40-60 has less than $100,000 saved for retirement and surveys have shown that $1.7 million is what is needed to retire comfortably. So, if that is what you want for your retirement, […]

Planning for Retirement

group and individual health insurance
The Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance Health insurance is so important, especially with rising health care costs. An extended hospital stay or procedure can set someone back financially a great amount. In the past, most people were content with getting their health insurance from their workplace. It was […]

The Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance