benefits of walking
Need a Brain Boost? Take a walk. After gyms closed during COVID-19, neighborhoods came alive with people getting reacquainted with the benefits of walking – a form of exercise that requires no membership, no special gear, and no athletic ability. Research indicates the benefits of walking go far beyond burning […]

Need a Brain Boost? Take a walk.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to run rampant, Google Maps is introducing new features to help you find important information as you venture out each day. To ensure that everyone is following proper social-distancing rules, Maps has included a feature to let users know how crowded public transport is, and […]

Google Maps + COVID

Many people have been following the newest cases of coronavirus and wonder how it will affect the recent re-opening of the nation’s economy. With no end in sight to this vicious disease, some experts are predicting another complete economic shutdown. Some states are thriving now that they have re-opened many […]

Coronavirus Still a Threat for Many

eight-hour sleep myth
The eight-hour sleep myth According to a study by the CDC, one-third of American adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research officially recommends that “adults aged 18-60 years old sleep at least seven hours each night to […]

The eight-hour sleep myth

The Trump administration issues a call to action based on new data detailing the COVID-19 impact, on Medicare beneficiaries, CMS announces. Older Americans as well as those with chronic conditions are at more risk fro COVID-19 confirming the disparities in health outcomes for racial and ethnic minority groups and low-income […]

Medicare Beneficiaries & COVID-19: Trump Administration Call to Action

Coronavirus Outbreak Spikes In Texas
Coronavirus Outbreak Spikes In Texas Texas has a “massive outbreak” of coronavirus cases across the state after reopening, Governor Abbott acknowledged. On Wednesday, June 24, the state reported a record-breaking 5,551 new cases of Covid-19 in one day. This follows 13 consecutive days of record-high hospitalizations. These figures represent an […]

Coronavirus Outbreak Spikes In Texas

Elder financial abuse
The Dark Side Of Aging And Finances With a growing population of aging Americans, financial exploitation against seniors is becoming a widespread and pervasive problem. The National Council on Aging estimates costs of elder financial abuse and fraud range from $2.9 billion to $36.5 billion annually. The rate of financial exploitation is […]

The Dark Side Of Aging And Finances

Top 10 Medicare Mistakes
Top 10 Medicare Mistakes Medicare is uncharted territory for most of the 10,000 seniors who come into the program each day. Lurking inside the program are pitfalls and traps, which can be costly unless steps are taken to avoid them. Knowledge and guidance are essential to having good financial and […]

Top 10 Medicare Mistakes