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They Insured What? The Weirdest Insurance Policies Whether it be life insurance, car insurance, or home insurance, people get coverage to protect something valuable just in case the worst were to happen. There is no telling what each person holds most valuable. So, it is no surprise that some people […]

Weirdest Insurance Policies Ever

Expanding Medicaid Benefits American Healthcare In January 2014, 26 states within the U.S. elected to expand Medicaid eligibility guidelines. This permitted adults between 19-64 years of age with an annual income equaling up to 138% of the federal poverty line (FPL) the option to apply for Medicaid services. From 2014 […]

Improving U.S. Health with Medicaid

group and individual health insurance
The Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance Health insurance is so important, especially with rising health care costs. An extended hospital stay or procedure can set someone back financially a great amount. In the past, most people were content with getting their health insurance from their workplace. It was […]

The Differences Between Group and Individual Health Insurance

qualifying events
What Are Qualifying Events? The health insurance plan you bought when you were single with no kids, will not necessarily serve you the same way if you get married or have children. Luckily, those types of changes are considered qualifying events, which means that you can make the necessary changes […]

What Are Qualifying Events?

switch health plan
How to Know When to Switch Your Health Plan Some health insurance companies auto-enroll you in to your same plan year after year. But as we all know, things can change so quickly. Therefore, you should make sure your health plan reflects those changes. Taking some time to look over […]

How to Know When to Switch Your Health Plan

medicare changes in 2021
Did you know every year there are changes to Medicare? It’s true. Each year, the government makes slight adjustments to Medicare by adding or removing benefits. Below are the current changes for 2021 from the Medicare and You Handbook for 2021. As always, consult with your Insurance agent to stay […]

Medicare Changes In 2021

dual eligibility
Almost all Americans know that Medicare is a government-funded healthcare program for citizens over 65. Most people also know that Medicaid is the government-funded healthcare program for low-income individuals. However, most Americans are not aware that if you qualify for both programs you may be enrolled in both, this is […]

Medicare & Medicaid: Dual Eligibility

Coronavirus affecting economy
How is Coronavirus Affecting World Economy How is the Coronavirus affecting the world economy? We all know Coronavirus is affecting the economy of our country and the world. This new pandemic is not only causing harm to the health of the elderly population of this world, but it will also […]

How is Coronavirus Affecting World Economy

These are some of the places affected by the Coronavirus Places affected because of coronavirus: There are various places that have been affected severely and are spreading this pandemic widely. Moreover, these places have been divided into categories as per travel restrictions and suggestions. There are various conspiracy theories on […]

Places affected because of coronavirus