agents in the pandemic
The pandemic has drastically cut down on the amount of in-person interaction all of us are having with our family and friends. Likewise, the pandemic has further cut down on the interaction we have with people providing services like insurance agents. While this is our current situation, understanding your Medicare […]

Why You Still Need An Agent In The Pandemic

medicare changes in 2021
Did you know every year there are changes to Medicare? It’s true. Each year, the government makes slight adjustments to Medicare by adding or removing benefits. Below are the current changes for 2021 from the Medicare and You Handbook for 2021. As always, consult with your Insurance agent to stay […]

Medicare Changes In 2021

dual eligibility
Almost all Americans know that Medicare is a government-funded healthcare program for citizens over 65. Most people also know that Medicaid is the government-funded healthcare program for low-income individuals. However, most Americans are not aware that if you qualify for both programs you may be enrolled in both, this is […]

Medicare & Medicaid: Dual Eligibility

annual enrollment period
The annual enrollment period (AEP) for Medicare, is quickly approaching, running from Thursday, October 15th to Monday, December 7th, and this period is the opportunity for Medicare beneficiaries to make certain changes to their Medicare coverage. Changes Available To Be Made During the Annual Enrollment Period, Medicare beneficiaries can make […]

The Annual Enrollment Period For Medicare Starts Soon

Retire the Right Way Nearing retirement can be both exciting and scary. I mean, haven’t you been waiting for this day since you entered the workforce? While you should be looking forward to retirement, it is also a time to make sure your finances are in order and find out […]

Retire the Right Way

States Re-Open Nursing Homes As the United States attempts to re-open, nursing facilities have started to follow suit. Some are finally allowing visitors in order to lift the spirits of residents and their loved ones. Since the beginning of the pandemic, nursing homes have been completely off-limits to visitors. Now, […]

States Re-Open Nursing Homes

Medicare isn’t free, and depending on your coverage needs your out-of-pocket could continue to rise according to a report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute. The study expects prices for premiums and out-of-pocket prescription drug costs could be somewhere up to $130,000 for men and $146,000 for women. Medicare costs […]

Medicare Costs Are High: Where Is Your Money Going