Circadian Rhythm: How to Fix Your Bodies Inner Clock This one is for those breakfast skippers and those who like to sleep a lot. Eating food restores our energy and helps our bodies function at a higher level. Although what we eat is important for good health and energy, growing […]

Circadian Rhythm: How To Fix Your Bodies Inner Clock

You may have noticed a letter at the end of your Medicare number and wondered what it stands for. Your Medicare Claim Number is located on your Medicare card underneath the beneficiary name. Providers use this number to provide Medicare covered services. It is also the number you will provide […]

What Do the Letters at the End of Your Medicare ...

Allie explains the basics of what Medicare Part B covers Hi! Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo with me, Allie Shipman, and my partner, John Shinn. We are with Empower Brokerage, and today, we’re talking about original Medicare Part B. In general, Part B covers doctor visits, outpatient surgery, and […]

Dynamic Duo: Medicare Part B

Allie: I’m Allie Shipman, and I’m a new recruit with Empower brokerage. I’ll be working closely with John Shinn, our product specialist on senior products. We’re going to do a web and video series on Medicare, focusing on all your options. There are two ways to get Medicare, and today […]

Dynamic Duo: Medicare Basics

Are you a part of the 62% of Americans who own a pet? If so, you most certainly experience the countless health benefits of caring for your furry companion. As a senior, you may wonder if having a pet can improve your health and vitality. Studies show that pets can […]

Pets Give Seniors a Healthy Life

Save time and money by using Humana Pharmacy, which allows you to order, track and refill prescriptions from the comfort of your home. Humana Pharmacy offers: Free Standard Shipping The option for patients to be reminded by phone, text, or email when they are due for a refill 90 day […]

Learn More about Humana Pharmacy

Does Original Medicare Cover Chemotherapy Costs? Medicare covers many things. But, does Medicare cover chemotherapy? Yes, it can cover most chemotherapy costs. Medicare is the federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease. Medicare Part A […]

Does Medicare Cover Chemotherapy Cost?