Medicare Advantage

What is a Medicare Supplement? Why should I consider one? Is there a difference between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plan? These are common questions that we hope to shed some light on. Difference between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage A Medicare Supplement, also known as Medigap, is a […]

Medicare Supplement vs Advantage

Hoy vamos a hablar sobre los conceptos básicos de los planes HMO Y PPO que ofrece Medicare Advantage. Nuestra experta en Medicare, Nattaly Valentin, explica como funcionan estos planes en el video agregado anteriormente. Siga leyendo para obtener un resumen de los puntos clave que afirma. Medicare Usted tendrá Medicare […]

Conceptos básicos de los planes HMO y PPO de Medicare ...

Allie: I’m Allie Shipman, and I’m a new recruit with Empower brokerage. I’ll be working closely with John Shinn, our product specialist on senior products. We’re going to do a web and video series on Medicare, focusing on all your options. There are two ways to get Medicare, and today […]

Dynamic Duo: Medicare Basics

During the busiest time of the year for Medicare – Open Enrollment – confusion ensues and questions abound. DeWayne Long – the National Sales Director for Empower Brokerage – answers one of the most common questions regarding Medicare: What’s the difference between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage? Check out the […]

The Differences Between Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage

Special Enrollment Periods Changes in your life can affect your Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug coverage. Insurance is important and you don’t want to wait around for something bad to happen. Although there are specific times for when you can sign up for these plans, there are certain events […]

Special Enrollment Periods

Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage for Traveling Consumers National Sales Director, Dewayne Long clarifies if a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan is better for a consumer who travels regularly. When you turn 65, and hopefully you’ve retired, now it’s time to get in the RV and start traveling. If you travel […]

Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage for Traveling Consumers