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For some, there is nothing more fulfilling than living a life where they are able to build a significant nest egg that they can use to spoil their grandchildren and live comfortably in their retirement. However, this likely concept allows senior citizens to become the target of elder financial abuse. […]

Protection From Elder Financial Abuse

senior couple being active by exercising at home
Retirement — a golden phase of life we all look forward to, right? But here’s a gentle reminder, my friend: It’s not just about taking a break from the daily grind. It’s about embracing new activities for seniors, allowing us to stay fit and active. The truth is that our […]

Active Retirement: Top 7 Activities for Seniors

Magnesium-rich milk is photographed.
Getting all your essential vitamins and minerals every day is vital to feeling good and living your life at an optimum level. The food you eat should provide you with the many nutrients you need. A vitamin supplement or multivitamin can also help meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs. […]

Magnesium Benefits

The elderly dating scene has recently become a topic of interest as ABC announced its first season of The Golden Bachelor. With a twist on the classic Bachelor franchise, The Golden Bachelor will follow 71-year-old Gerry Turner as he dates a group of women and eventually gives his final rose to […]

Diving into Senior Dating

Senior man surprised by a scam
In an era dominated by the digital realm, scams are unfortunately becoming all too commonplace. While no one is immune to these threats, our senior population often bears the brunt of this exploitation. Why is that the case? Let us delve deep. Walk a mile in their shoes. Together, we […]

Senior Safety: Recognizing Scams

A group of people read an article mentioning "medicare expands coverage for wheelchair users."
In a monumental shift toward greater inclusivity and healthcare support for individuals with mobility issues, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services recently announced a policy change holding significant implications for wheelchair users nationwide. Under the Medicare program, durable medical equipment (DME) such as wheelchairs, both manual and powered, is […]

Medicare Expands Coverage for Power Wheelchair Users

A grateful woman lifts her arms in the air.
Did you know that being grateful can make you healthy? Saying ‘thank you’ and appreciating those around you affects your relationships with others and positively impacts your body. The University of California, Davis Psychology Professor Dr. Robert Emmons has dedicated his career to understanding gratefulness and its benefits. In a 2015 […]

Grateful Attitude Brings Health

As you get older, your cognitive function can take a hit. While this decline may not stop entirely, there are ways to stimulate your brain so you maintain your reasoning skills and cognitive speed. Ultimately, your brain is like a muscle. And to maintain and grow your muscles, you must train […]

Brain Games Keep Minds Sharp