nutrition facts label
Most people hardly look at nutrition fact labels when grocery shopping. It could be because we do not care, or that we do not understand what we are looking at. If it’s the latter, this post will help you understand how to better understand the information on nutrition fact labels. […]

Become a Pro at Reading Nutrition Fact Labels

Japan may hold the answers for combating obesity in the United States, but it will take more than a personal overhaul to make needed changes. Photos by cottonbro on Pexels.
COVID-19 has worsened obesity worldwide… so what now? Amidst a year-long blitz of harrowing COVID-19 news, it’s not difficult to imagine that a lot of us have quite literally dropped the ball on our health regimes.  I for one canceled my gym membership, retired my tennis shoes to the deepest […]

The Obesity Pandemic: The United States vs. Japan

screen time
Having your children home due to the pandemic has made it increasingly obvious how hard it is to keep them entertained. Letting them watch their favorite videos or play their favorite games with screen time is one of the simplest ways to do it; however, there is a definite concern […]

Fun Alternatives to Screen Time

Scientists alarmed by large amounts of carcinogen benzene in household sunscreens.  Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.
Cancer-Causing Sunscreen…? Valisure, an independent research laboratory based in Connecticut, just released a detailed report finding gratuitous amounts of benzene in many commonly available sunscreens.  Benzene is a flammable liquid used in producing things like rubber, plastic, pesticides, detergents, gasoline, and the like.  Because it evaporates quickly in oxygen, most people […]

Carcinogen Benzene Found in Common Sunscreens

Optogenetics, the study of genetic engineering utilizing properties of light, may hold the cure to degenerative eye diseases. Photo by Hasan Albari from Pexels.
The Illuminated Brain Many of the greatest minds in the world have been hard at work for generations pushing back against merciless chronic conditions.  Now, cures against cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, major depressive disorder, psychosis, and myriad more are closer to reality than ever before.  How?  The answer lies in optogenetics, […]

Breakthrough Optogenetics Test Helps Blind Patient “See” Using Algae Proteins

business phone
In order to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, you want to have the appropriate tools. This means making the necessary upgrades to your phone systems. Having an outdated system can lead to problems that negatively impact your business. To stay on top of your game, your business […]

Your Business Phone Needs These Features

With the public school enrollment rate down, experts believe we're in the middle of a missing student crisis. Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash.
School is back in session, but not for all… It’s been over a year since American public schools closed their doors to protect against the spreading of the coronavirus.  Now, school is back in session with varying degrees of in-person and virtual learning, but that doesn’t mean that every student […]

America’s Missing Student Crisis: School Systems Struggle to Locate Thousands ...

There is an increasing number of adults 65 and up that are choosing to stay in the workforce. This requires them to decide between continuing with their employer-sponsored insurance plan or signing up for Medicare. Let’s discuss the possibilities and determine if either option is better. More Than 20 Employees […]

What If I’m 65 and Still Working?

precision medicine
We personalize almost everything else, so why wouldn’t our health care be the same? Precision medicine allows health care providers to customize treatment options based on patients’ individual genes and lifestyle. Precision Medicine Precision medicine is a recent approach that considers individual differences in genes, environment, and lifestyle to determine […]

Defining Precision Medicine

Health insurance can be separated into two very broad categories. Let’s compare indemnity and managed care health insurance plans. Indemnity An indemnity plan, also known as a “fee-for-service” plan, allows you the freedom to choose which providers and hospitals you want to go to. The insurance company would then be […]

Compare Indemnity and Managed Care