Why is healthcare so expensive? One reason is due to annual healthcare waste, whether that be a failure of care delivery to overtreatment. The range of money wasted annually seems to be between $760 to $935 billion, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. The article from October states […]

Waste In Healthcare Has Risen to $760 to $935 billion ...

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Using vitamins, supplements may help treat ADHD New research suggests using vitamins, supplements may help treat ADHD symptoms. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), evidence from various studies (here and here) indicate using natural product-derived treatments and nutritional supplements were effective at treating mild to moderate ADHD. […]

Study shows vitamins, supplements may help treat ADHD

November is long-term care awareness month.
In the previous article – “Why Pay More for a Medicare Supplement Policy? Part 1” – we covered the benefit of taking Medicare Supplements with you wherever you go – nationally and internationally. In this article, we will discuss the continual coverage guarantee you have with a Medicare Supplement policy. […]

Why Pay More for a Medicare Supplement Policy? Part 2

U.S. authorities approved the world’s first digital drug last week. It contains a very small microchip embedded inside of a pharmaceutical drug. How does the pill work? Once the pill is dissolved by stomach acid, the microchip sends signals to a smart device to notify physicians of its consumption. This […]

Digital Pills: The Future of Healthcare Is Medicinal Tracking

Aetna has partnered with four networks: Arizona, Minnesota, Texas and Virginia. With Aetna’s efforts in creating joint ventures with health systems in these states, we can expect to see value-based care increase for members. “Vision 2020” is the strategy Aetna is taking. The goal is to ensure 75 percent of […]

Aetna Implements Joint Ventures to Improve Member Care

Password, after password, after password. It seems we are constantly creating new log ins for different websites and mobile apps. And each one has different requirements for length, capitalization, symbols, and security questions. We all want proper security when it comes to our logins, but it is so difficult to […]

Remember Logins with One Easy Password Manager

Allie Introduces Medicare Part A Welcome back to another episode of Dynamic Duo with me Allie Shipman and John Shinn from Empower Brokerage! Today, we’re going to dive a little deeper into original Medicare. There’s Medicare Part A and Part B. Right now, we’re going to start with Part A. […]

Dynamic Duo: Medicare Part A Explained

FAQs: Comfort of Your Medicare Coverage   So your personal comfort with the company and the coverage and everything is very important. When you think about all the factors that go into choosing coverage or changing Medicare coverage. One is the cost of the coverage the others the actual coverage […]

Medicare Coverage FAQs: Comfort