By staying informed and cautious, seniors can use cybersecurity to confidently and securely navigate the digital world, reaping its benefits while minimizing risks.
In the age of iPhones and iPads, AI, and Alexa, cybersecurity has never been more important, especially for seniors. The rampant growth of the use of the internet for things like socializing, shopping, banking, and TikTok has brought convenience and ease-of-use to the masses. With this blessing, increased risk when […]

Cybersecurity Tips for Seniors

Technology and social life seem to be intertwined in our lives for both good and bad.
We have all heard the good and the bad about technology. Modern technology is shaping our lives excitingly and alarmingly. With the advent of the digital age, the interplay between technology and our social life has never been more complex. “Pics or it didn’t happen!” “Phone eats first!” “I need […]

Technology and Social Life

Social connection is one of the most important factors that affect longevity.
As we age, the question of how long we will live and of our own mortal longevity becomes increasingly significant. It begins to pique our interest like a child impatiently asking during a long ride in the car, “Are we there yet?” all the while staying as unknown to most […]

The Science of Longevity

A couple sits in the dark and looks for something to watch on TV.
Thoughtful depictions of the elderly in media are few and far between. As the world’s elderly population increases, changes to our stories and their leading characters may be necessary. Photo provided by Storyblocks. Looking at Our Elderly in Media I believe in the lasting power of our films to incite […]

5 Elderly Stereotypes In Media

Where Joy Is Lacking… The discourse surrounding adult leisure time in America rarely goes beyond the ubiquitous ‘Netflix binge.’ At least in my circles, it feels like ‘what people do’ when work is over, rush hour endured, and the kids are put to bed can be summed up by flopping […]

How Intentional Joy Can Save Your Life