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Now that we are officially entering fall, the amount of sunlight that we see during the day will decrease. While there are some big advocates of the fall and winter seasons, there are also those who will begin to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a form of depression […]

Understanding Light Therapy and SAD

Depression is a widespread condition and can become a daily struggle affecting many different areas of life. It is important to get help if you are experiencing signs of depression. Medicare offers coverage for depression screening and may even help you cover the costs of getting help. If you think […]

Depression Screening Through Medicare

Doomscrolling is when someone constantly searches through social media and news website feeds looking for negative or saddening information. The amount of searching through bad news during COVID has increased dramatically and it has likely contributed to the increase in feelings of depression symptoms. Reasons For Increased Doomscrolling There are […]

Too Much Bad News During COVID-19

Is Dog Ownership Good For Your Mental Health And The Elderly? Yes! There are numerous studies done all across America that support dog ownership. There is even such a thing as an Emotional Support Animal.   For example, the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) states ” In a survey of […]

Is Dog Ownership Good For Your Mental Health And The ...

Empower Brokerage yoga at any age.
Yoga is more than just a workout. It is a mind-body practice. Meant to build strength and flexibility, while simultaneously helping manage stress and negative emotions. No medication has the power to improve so many areas of life at once. With health and mental benefits at any age. Maintaining a […]

Yoga: Health and Mental Benefits at Any Age

Experiential Therapy Vs. Talk Therapy Experiential therapy is a different approach to therapy than traditional talk therapy. This approach involves activities and actions in conjunction with talking. The experiences encourage patients to pinpoint and deal with their issues through activities. Experiential therapy in addition to talk therapy can increase confidence […]

Experiential Therapy

Animal-Assisted Therapy What Is Animal-Assisted Therapy? Animal-assisted therapy uses contact with animals to enhance a therapy treatment plan. Therapy animals include household pets, such as dogs, cats and rabbits, but also farm animals, such as horses, goats, pigs and donkeys. Depending on the patient, the therapist will introduce animals into […]

Animal-Assisted Therapy