Joe Manichia

net-zero buildings
The consequences of climate change are becoming more obvious with catastrophic events such as the California megafires and the 9 hurricanes we have experienced in just this hurricane season alone both being linked to the gradual change to the Earth. Due to this, the public support for green initiatives has […]

Net-Zero Buildings: The Future Of Sustainability

patio igloos
The restaurant industry has taken a gigantic hit since the restrictions to contain the COVID-19 epidemic were enacted. Initial take out only rules were incredibly damaging, and the continuing capacity restrictions continue to impact profits. Some restaurants have turned to unique solutions such as patio igloos to keep outdoor seating […]

Patio Igloos Could Extend Outdoor Dining Through Winter

fans world series
Major League Baseball announced this week that there will be fans allowed to be present at the National League Championship Series as well as the World Series. This comes as a surprise since this is the first time fans have been allowed in the stands since March. Capacity And Logistics […]

MLB To Allow Fans At NLCS And World Series

Doomscrolling is when someone constantly searches through social media and news website feeds looking for negative or saddening information. The amount of searching through bad news during COVID has increased dramatically and it has likely contributed to the increase in feelings of depression symptoms. Reasons For Increased Doomscrolling There are […]

Too Much Bad News During COVID-19

agents in the pandemic
The pandemic has drastically cut down on the amount of in-person interaction all of us are having with our family and friends. Likewise, the pandemic has further cut down on the interaction we have with people providing services like insurance agents. While this is our current situation, understanding your Medicare […]

Why You Still Need An Agent In The Pandemic

medicare changes in 2021
Did you know every year there are changes to Medicare? It’s true. Each year, the government makes slight adjustments to Medicare by adding or removing benefits. Below are the current changes for 2021 from the Medicare and You Handbook for 2021. As always, consult with your Insurance agent to stay […]

Medicare Changes In 2021

drive-in during covid
Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entertainment business has been suffering and people have been desperately looking for any way to get out of their homes while staying safe. Enter the drive-in movie theater, a business idea from the 1930s that is oddly perfect for just this situation. […]

Drive-In Theater During COVID-19

vaccine distribution
Since the beginning of the pandemic several companies, including BioNTech and Pfizer, have been racing towards creating the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine. The time when that race ends is quickly approaching with the CDC saying that limited doses could be going out to the highest risk individuals by late October. […]

Coronavirus Vaccine Distribution Plans Are Being Discussed

dual eligibility
Almost all Americans know that Medicare is a government-funded healthcare program for citizens over 65. Most people also know that Medicaid is the government-funded healthcare program for low-income individuals. However, most Americans are not aware that if you qualify for both programs you may be enrolled in both, this is […]

Medicare & Medicaid: Dual Eligibility

astronaut recovery
Most people have seen the images and videos of astronauts running on treadmills that they are strapped down to, and this is necessary because astronauts lose huge amounts of their muscle mass during extended space travel. This is not all that is involved in astronaut recovery from space travel though, […]

Trial On Mice Could Lead To Better Astronaut Recovery