Patio Igloos Could Extend Outdoor Dining Through Winter

patio igloos

The restaurant industry has taken a gigantic hit since the restrictions to contain the COVID-19 epidemic were enacted. Initial take out only rules were incredibly damaging, and the continuing capacity restrictions continue to impact profits. Some restaurants have turned to unique solutions such as patio igloos to keep outdoor seating going longer!

Outdoor Seating And COVID

One way that many eateries have used to combat the loss of profits during the crisis has been expanding and focusing on patio and outdoor seating. This has not completely combatted the losses due to the restrictions, but it has helped. Outdoor seating is great during the pandemic because being outside is much less likely to spread the illness due to the greater ventilation and flow of fresh air. However, outdoor seating does not last into the winter months unless some sort of action is taken to extend its viability.

Patio Igloos and Heaters

This is exactly where the patio igloo comes in. These are domes made of PVC and are heated inside to allow outdoor dining into the winter months. The company GardenIglooUSA makes these domes for around $1200 for retail use. Several restaurants in the coldest parts of the nation like Minnesota and New York have installed these to allow safer outdoor seating for longer.  The domes fit between 6 and 8 patrons, will be sanitized between parties, and the servers will be masked when they enter the domes.

Other restaurants are installing heaters around their normal seating in their efforts to extend the outdoor seating months. The percentage of profits that came from patio seating on average prior to the pandemic was around 20% during the spring and summer, but in 2020 that margin was closer to 40%. This makes the choice very clear for already struggling restaurants when it comes to what they need to do to stay afloat. Luckily, the government assistance for small businesses has been effective for local restaurants, but this will likely not continue to be enough if things do not return to normal soon. An estimated 100,000 of the over one million restaurants operating in the US will close if stability does not return soon.

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