Karen DeGeurin: Leaving a Footprint in the Houston Market

Karen DeGeurin

With our Houston office now up and running, we can thank our Houston Regional Sales Director, Karen DeGeurin for all her hard work. DeGeurin has been with Empower for a few months now and has already accomplished many feats. From getting new agents on board, working with agents to develop best practices, the creation of marketing strategies, and hosting multiple training events DeGuerin’s impact has already been felt.

How can your background help our agents and consumers?

DeGuerin’s background gives her the ability to understand the agent in a perfect fit scenario. “ I was a broker agent myself when I started in the field years ago in 2008 and worked my way through selling various products…. I grew a huge team in Houston at a former FMO. I had multiple sales leaders working for me and hundreds of agents. So, I like recruiting. I like training.”

From individual plans, long-term care, all sorts of life insurance, all indemnity plans, dental, vision, DeGeurin has experience working with each product, making her a master of all. She believes this experience is something she can bring to Empower along with her background in Houston.  “When you pull together the fantastic expertise and systems that we have at Empower, along with my background in the Houston market, I think it’ll be a wonderful fit.”

Houston Office Current State

When asked about the current state of the Houston office DeGuerin believes it has been a great start, already having support staff in the office assisting her. “we intend to grow support staff locally, the office locally, the agent base, our carrier partners and our portfolio of offerings. We want to remain on the cutting edge of sales nationally like we are today. We want Houston which is a very large market to be the largest that Empower has.”

DeGuerin has also made it clear that the office space in Houston will be used to help agents grow their current business. “The office is going to be utilized to make phone calls to call the alpha leads, to receive training, to get enrollment materials. Anything that they need. We’re going to be there for them.” The office currently holds amazing common areas, including a fifty-person conference room with free wifi and projector.  The office also has areas with tables and seating that can support another fifty to sixty people. Each room can be reserved at any time free of charge. “We’re going to be utilizing that space for a number of reasons. I know agents are very excited to get over there and see it. “

Awareness, Training, & Other Events

DeGuerin has plans to hold Medicare Training, first-look events as well as Health Expos.  Events planned will be used for client-facing as well as geared toward awareness and agent training. “Empower is very committed to doing the Senior Health Fairs and the Senior Health Expos but something that I’d like to bring to the table, besides regular training, regular sales meetings, and regular first look events, I’d like to bring some of the Medicare Made Clear type of events to Empower Brokerage and to the Houston market.”

Karen DeGeurin Future Outlook

Though the first few months have been good DeGuerin does see foreseeable difficulties.  “As we have agents visiting the office, we’ve got to get all of our information disseminated but I know it’s not going to be horrible.” A lot of the first few months seemed as if it were drinking through a firehouse, but in the end, things smoothed out. “I think we’re going to be able to work together to make it much smoother but there’s a lot to get done.”  When asked about what she would like the Houston office to be recognized for, DeGuerin stated. “When mentioned in conversation I’d like our office to be known as extremely professional…. I want us to continue that face. I would like to hire very motivated and professional agents to help us continue that legacy. And of course, I’d like for us to be known for, not only very high sales but very compliant sales.”

Karen DeGeurin is making a footprint in the Houston market and wants to assist you! To contact DeGuerin you can call her at 817-410-5828 or by emailing her at KDegeurin@empowerbrokerage.com.

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