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Services Medicare Doesn’t Cover That You Might Need

Seniors who rely on Medicare have a good chance of still having holes in certain service areas. These services that are not covered by your plan, leave you at risk of suffering the cost if you visit your provider. Some services that are not covered might be a necessity for you. So what’s your best plan of action? We have your back with a quick explanation of what might have holes and the best way to fill them in.

What Isn’t Covered By Medicare

What services do you rely on? To start our list for most seniors, dental care is a must. Turns out this is one of the services that are not covered by your Medicare plan. Whether it be cleanings or fillings you won’t be able to rely on your plan to pick up the tab. Dentures are a big deal as well, but you will most likely have to pay for them yourself in order to keep that smile.


Another thing your Medicare plan won’t cover is vision exams. Yes, being able to see turns out to be part of the services that aren’t covered which can become an issue. Do you often get eye exams? Do you have glasses? Your vision helps you stay productive but also avoid accidents. If you have to get your eyes checked, get ready for it to come out of pocket.

Hearing Aids

Do you often have to tell people to speak up or even have trouble understanding them? You might have a need for hearing aids but it turns out these aren’t covered. Many seniors turn to hearing aids for assistance but Medicare won’t pick up the tab. On the bright side, it will cover certain tests if you are suffering from specific illnesses or injuries.

Long Term Care

You might already know this but Long term care falls into services that are not covered. Long term helps pay for the costs associated with chronic conditions or if you need assistance daily. Even with a Medicare plan, it will be coming out of pocket.

Services Not Included

Other services not covered by your Medicare plan include:

  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Acupuncture
  • Routine Footcare

So What Do You Do?

This list is long and contains services someone with a Medicare plan might need. Consumers, the answer is a Medigap plan! A Medigap plan, also called a Medicare supplement, is extra health insurance that you buy from a private company to pay health care costs not covered by Original Medicare. Co-payments, deductibles, and health care if you travel outside the United States. Medigap policies don’t cover long-term care, dental care, vision care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, and private-duty nursing.

Medicare Questions?

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2 thoughts on “Services that are not covered By Your Medicare Plan

  • Barbara Tringali

    I would like to know if I am covered to go to a Silver Sneakers class?
    My cardiologist along with my endocrinologist suggest it would be essential to my health

    • Bill Bronson

      Silver Sneakers is a membership offered through some Medicare Advantage plans. It’s not a class. Mutually Well is also a membership you can buy through the website or by calling 833-574-6105. It offers the ability to go to any of their thousands of participating facilities. During this time, it may be best to walk the park or in your neighborhood. Anyplace you feel safe to get your exercise. Walking is a wonderful way to improve heart health.