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Originally from the snow-capped Rockies, Macee moved to Texas in 2016 to pursue an undergraduate degree in Strategic Communication. She currently serves as a writer and editor for Empower Brokerage, as well as the marketing manager for Preferred Senior Advisors. Macee is also working on her Master’s degree in management, and hopes to inspire others with her passion for telling stories through varied digital and print marketing efforts.

The vaccination process has obviously come a long way, so let’s take a moment to stroll back in time and learn about vaccinations through history.  
Over the last couple years, there have been many discussions regarding vaccinations, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With many vaccine recipients boasting selfies with their filled-out vaccination cards and proudly bearing side-effects, and new medications being developed in record time, it is not hard to forget that immunization has […]

Vaccinations Through History

Although there are benefits of both cardio and weightlifting for seniors, blending the two types of exercise with a well-balanced diet can create the optimal circumstances for increased fat loss, improved mental health, and enhanced overall wellness.
Throughout the years, workout fanatics have argued whether cardio or weightlifting provides the most long-term health benefits which provides a better overall workout, cardio or weight training. Realistically, though, those who combine aspects of both see the best, longest lasting results. Although there are benefits of both cardio and weightlifting […]

The Benefits of Cardio and Weightlifting for Seniors

Check out these ACA changes in the American Rescue Plan.
The recent American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes some significant changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). From now until August 15, those eligible for ACA coverage will be able to switch their health care plans and save money in the process, thanks to the expanded subsidy guidelines available […]

ACA Changes in the American Rescue Plan

The recent approval for a Medicaid extension of postpartum benefits will likely improve the lives of many new parents on Medicaid. 
There has been much talk in the past weeks surrounding the recent American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which will provide funding and provisions to benefit industries, businesses, and individuals affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Though most of the discussion has surrounded topics like a bailout for struggling companies […]

Medicaid Extension of Postpartum Benefits Approved for 2022

Last year, many of our day-to-day activities shifted from in-person to online, including work, school, and health care. This year, we are continuing to see this trend emerge in new ways, most recently in school-based telehealth legislation.
Last year, many of our day-to-day activities shifted from in-person to online, including work, school, and health care. This year, we are continuing to see this trend emerge in new ways, most recently in school-based telehealth legislation. New Bills Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan recently introduced a bill to eliminate […]

Potential School-Based Telehealth Legislation

Current estimates show that the number of daily vaccinations in March could nearly double, which would surely play into many Americans experiencing a healthier, happier summer this year.
This March may prove to be a key turning point in the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic in America if recent vaccine estimates are correct. Several vaccine manufacturers have amped up their production to try and reach vaccination goals and states have been given more predictable distribution schedules while the number of […]

Number of Daily Vaccinations in March Could Double

Below is a long term care insurance FAQ list that may help you understand the benefits and basics of LTC coverage.  
Insurance can be overwhelming, especially when you’re thinking about policies that will protect you or your loved ones should something happen to you. It can be difficult to discuss final expenses or costs your family will need to take on should you pass away. It can be even more difficult […]

The Benefits and Basics of LTC Coverage

Here are some dos and don’ts regarding posting about your COVID vaccine on social media.
Social media has gained overwhelming traction over the past few years and current social distancing efforts are only adding to platforms’ popularity. Two recent trends gracing our social feeds are vaccine selfies and pictures of vaccine records, where those receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations post either a picture of themselves receiving […]

Dos and Don’t for Posting Your COVID-19 Vaccine on Social ...

When planning your safe vacations during COVID, consider these closer-to-home options, as well!  
With spring and summer on their way, many are planning vacations and outings to break out of the monotony of this past winter. Though new vaccinations and ongoing social distancing efforts have helped keep cases at bay between surges, the pandemic is still far from over. When planning your safe […]

Safe Vacations During COVID

To help you see whether a guaranteed or simplified issue policy may be the best choice for you, we put together these short descriptions of each type!
You have probably heard of guaranteed issue and simplified issue insurance policies in the past, but you may not know the differences between the two. When researching the different underwriting processes, it is easy to get overwhelmed with too much information. Therefore, it is important to break the info down […]

Is a Guaranteed or Simplified Issue Policy Right for You?