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When coming in contact with the coronavirus, how close is close enough to catch it? Authorities in the U.S. have taken great measures to ensure anyone flying in from China is quarantined upon arrival. Even so, with such drastic measures, officials advise U.S. residents to go about their regular business. […]

Coming in Contact with the Coronavirus

With elections coming up, politicians are quick to criticize unexpected medical bills. Unfortunately, they aren’t as quick to act on their promise. Recently, new “surprise billing legislation” was written up and candidates must now decide where they stand. These surprise bills are a form of so-called patient extortion unique to […]

Unexpected Medical Bills

Femur Neck Fracture Broken Hip
Hip Replacement After a Fracture The number of hip replacements after a fracture has dramatically increased as the U.S. population gets older. Each year over 300,000 people over 65 are hospitalized for hip fractures. More than 95% of hip fractures result from a fall and, according to the CDC, women […]

Hip Replacement After a Fracture

Are Ultra-Processed Foods Bad For Our Health? Are Ultra-Processed Foods Bad For Our Health? We hear from experts and the media to avoid processed foods. But do you know how to identify processed food? What about ultra-processed food? And how exactly does processed food affect our health? We did some […]

Are Ultra-Processed Foods Bad For Our Health?

Medicare Home Health Coverage Medicare Home Health Coverage helps older adults with illness or injury live independently for as long as possible. It is usually less expensive, more convenient and just as effective as a skilled nursing facility (SNF). Home Health services include intermittent skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational […]

Medicare Home Health Coverage

Flu vs coronavirus
Despite Coronavirus alert, this year’s flu is scarier Despite the coronavirus alert, this year’s flu is a scarier threat to Americans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that as of January 2020 over 15 million Americans got the flu. More than 140,000 people have been hospitalized and […]

Despite Coronavirus alert, this year’s flu is scarier

Since the early 1980s, tattoos have become more popular in the U.S. As of the decade, almost four of every 10 people born have at least one. Tattoos vary in shape, size, color, & design some thoughtful others not so much. Although tattoos have become a norm in society and […]

Tattoos: What Risk Can Come With Body Modifications

With AI tech slowly being integrated more into healthcare, we are seeing its benefits with breast cancer detection. One story reported by describes the benefits of AI with a breast cancer diagnosis. In some cases, it was able to detect cancer that was missed by human eyes. Although the […]

Breast Cancer Detection Sees Better Results With AI

Anti-inflammatory drugs depression
Study shows Anti-inflammatory drugs may curb depression A peer-reviewed study titled ‘Efficacy and safety of anti-inflammatory agents for the treatment of major depressive disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised, controlled trials’, set out to examine the effects of anti-inflammatory drugs on depression, such as aspirin or Ibuprophen. The […]

Study shows Anti-inflammatory drugs may curb depression