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Papaya slices on a cutting board are seen.
Purposeful Papayas Papayas are delicious fruits with many health benefits. The fruit is native to Central America, but today, the fruit grows around the world. The fruit is cylindrically shaped or spherical. Papayas begin to ripen when they appear about 50% yellow and 50% green. Slicing ripe papaya in half […]

Purposeful Papayas

Medications covered under a prescription drug coverage plan.
Do I really need prescription drug coverage? “I don’t need prescription drug coverage because I don’t take any medications!” “I get my medications cheaper without a plan!” “Why do I need to pay extra money if I have GoodRx?” There are many replies you may tell yourself as to why […]

Do I Need Prescription Drug Coverage?

A dinner table is set by candelight.
Thanksgiving has many traditional dishes. Turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie are a few of the foods many people enjoy on the last Thursday of November. Would you like to try baking some unique Thanksgiving dishes? Unique Thanksgiving Dish #1 Pull-Apart Garlic Bread Traditional bread rolls are always tasty, but you […]

3 Unique Thanksgiving Dishes

A sliced pomegranate is seen.
Pomegranate Benefits Everyone is looking for a miracle food that will provide health benefits, and pomegranates are near the top of the list of most nourishing fruits. Pomegranates flourish well in a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and cool winters. The fruit prospers in its native lands, the Middle East, and […]

Pomegranate Benefits

The Harsh Truth of Tooth Loss Unfortunately, losing teeth can be a harsh reality for most older individuals. According to the CDC, nearly one in five adults 65 and older has lost all their teeth. Complete tooth loss is twice as likely among adults 75 and older (26%) compared to adults […]

Preventing Tooth Loss As You Age

An elderly man kisses his wife while she leans in and hugs him.
Health insurance can be confusing for many people. You might wonder whom you can trust with your personal information. Empower Brokerage has friendly licensed agents that assist you in finding the right plan for you. Let’s examine a few common questions and answers about when you can first enroll in […]

When can I enroll in Medicare?

Information Security Tab on Computer Screen
Have you ever been in a public place or business and decided to connect your mobile device to their public Wi-Fi? If your answer is yes, this information is for you. The increasing importance of the Internet in our daily lives is imminent. Going online to search for information, entertainment, […]

Is My Personal Information Protected?

Shoes in boxes are seen on shelves.
Choosing the best shoes is important at any age. The shoes we wear can hinder or benefit our health. Are your shoes comfortable when you walk? Do they have enough foot support? Are you experiencing pain when you walk? There are several approaches to selecting the right pair of shoes. […]

Choosing the best shoes

Last will and testament with notary public tools
Should I Have a Last Will and Testament? Do you know more than 50% of the USA population do not have a will because they think they have few assets to leave behind? I know it’s hard to talk about death, but it’s the only sure thing we have in life. It is […]

The Basics of Last Will and Testament