Exercising in Your Golden Years


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There are a lot of benefits that come with exercising, and this is especially true for the elderly. If you are reaching your golden years, you may want to add exercise into your daily routine.

Four Types of Exercise

There are four main types of exercise the elderly can do to improve different aspects of their physical health.

  • Endurance exercises are the first types of exercises that the elderly can do. This type of fitness is good for increasing your breathing and raising your heart rate.
  • The second type is strength exercises. They can help strengthen and tone your muscles.
  • Next, you have balance exercises. Their primary purpose is to help the elderly avoid falling.
  • Finally, there are flexibility exercises. These are beneficial for the elderly as they keep your body limber and give your muscles a good stretch.

Benefits of Staying Active

Everyone can benefit from staying active, both young and old. However, since the elderly are less likely to be active, they can reap the most from staying in action. Some of these benefits include:

  • Preventing disease– Performing routine physical activity helps strengthen the immune system. Since most seniors are immunocompromised, exercise can be helpful.
  • Improved mental health– Exercising releases endorphins which are considered “feel good” hormones. You feel happy and satisfied when they are released. Similarly, physical activity is linked to better sleep, which a lot of older adults suffer with.
  • Socialization– Unfortunately, the elderly commonly tend to deal with depression and loneliness, so joining a fitness class provides a routine event for socialization.
  • Improved cognitive function– There is a link between physical activity and improved cognitive function. Studies have even shown that there is a lower risk of dementia for those who remain active.

Best Exercises to Try

Here is a list of a few exercises that are easy but effective for older bodies.

  • Swimming. Swimming is easy on the joints and bones, but it works to strengthen the muscles in your body and heart.
  • Yoga. Yoga is another workout that is easy on the bones. However, since it is weight-baring, you are building strength with every pose.
  • Pilates. Pilates is a good low-impact workout. It focuses primarily on core stability which makes it a great option for older adults.
  • Walking. Walking is a good alternative for those who cannot perform structured workouts. It gives all the same benefits while being free and easy.
  • Cycling. Cycling can increase leg strength without running or any other high-impact workouts. It can become a fun activity when you include friends or family.

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