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What is the Mutually Well Senior Wellness Program? Mutually Well Senior Wellness is a program for Mutual of Omaha members giving them access to over 10,000 gyms, healthy living discounts, and a weekly plan. It allows maximum flexibility for where you go and costs less than a typical neighborhood gym […]

Mutually Well Senior Wellness Program Questions and Answers

Medicare Part B Premiums Beneficiaries typically pay a monthly premium for Medicare Part B. For most people, the Part B Premium is $134. If you can not afford to pay the Part B premium, there are programs that may help. Part B premiums are subject to change from year to year. […]

Medicare Part B Premiums

FAQs: Comfort of Your Medicare Coverage   So your personal comfort with the company and the coverage and everything is very important. When you think about all the factors that go into choosing coverage or changing Medicare coverage. One is the cost of the coverage the others the actual coverage […]

Medicare Coverage FAQs: Comfort