Yoga Poses For Seniors

Yoga Poses For Seniors

Yoga Poses for Seniors

The low impact nature of yoga makes it a perfect workout for people who desire less a strenuous exercise routine. The strength and flexibility yoga helps prevent injury and health maladies, such as arthritis. Certain yoga poses for seniors can maintain balance, muscle mass, and joint flexibility. Yoga has also been proven to enhance overall mental and emotional well being. As we age, our bodies, and sometimes our minds, slow down. Yoga can help with this transition. Furthermore, when seniors attend a class or group activity, they feel a sense of community.

What Kind of Yoga Should You Try?

There are so many different types of yoga now – yoga for different experience levels and even room temperatures. Each type offers the yogi different benefits. For example, Bikram yoga is performed in a heated room and follows a sequence of poses. This is yoga for those who like routine and sweat. Vinyasa yoga is more relaxed when it comes to routine. It’s all about breathing techniques and the flow of variety. There is even rave yoga, aerial yoga, and goat yoga. The majority of yoga poses have a modification that can accommodate physical limitations.

Yoga Poses for Seniors

There are some basic yoga poses that are great for getting started.

Tree Pose:

Tree pose improves balance, which can prevent falls. Falls are the number one cause of injury of people 65 and older. Stand with your arms extended straight over your head, palms touching. Your legs should be together when starting the position. Raise one foot slightly off the ground, touching the heel to the inside of your other ankle. Then, balance for 20 to 30 seconds. Switch legs. Eventually you should be able to work your elevated foot up the inside of your leg as you gain balance.

Sphinx Pose:

This pose is great for the upper back muscles, and it prevents forward head syndrome. It opens up the chest and stretches the abdomen. To take advantage of sphinx pose, lie down on your stomach and place your forearms on the mat, palms down. Inhale, and push your chest and head off the floor. Once you master this pose, then you can move on to the cobra pose.

Warrior II:

Standing poses help improve bone density and lower body strength at the same time. Warrior II stretches your hips, groin and thighs. While standing with your feet aligned with your hips and arms straight at your side, turn your body to the right and step your right food out about 3 feet. Then, turn your right foot out in a 90 degree angle. Raise your arms straight out to your sides at shoulder height. Exhale, and bend your right leg until your thigh is parallel with the floor. Keep your left leg straight and hold pose for 30 seconds.

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