Take Care of Your Heart this Valentines!

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We’re well into February – the month for sweethearts. More importantly, it’s the month for heart health. As the American Heart Month, February is the time of year to evaluate your heart health and make sure you’re doing everything to prevent heart-related illnesses. Though men are historically more at risk for heart disease, women are still potential victims. Heart disease does not discriminate; everyone is a target. For example, more women died from heart-related conditions than from all forms of cancer combined.

Eat Heart Healthy Foods

This should make you stop and ask yourself, “How do I prevent heart problems?” Or, “how do I bounce back after having heart problems?” Ultimately, it comes down to the basics: eating healthily and being active. It doesn’t have to be complicated either! There are so many diet options out there that won’t make you feel like you’re starving. There is also an abundance of super foods that specifically help improve heart health. For instance, red wine and dark chocolate are two indulgences common during Valentines – both of which are great for heart health. Red wine boosts HDL and reduces unwanted clotting while dark chocolate reduces blood pressure. Pair your red wine with some cheese, which is also known to prevent heart disease!

Workout for Your Heart

As for staying active, find a workout regimen that works for you. It can be as easy as taking a walk around your neighborhood or in the park. If you’re interested in an at-home exercise, then you can always invest in some free weights or a yoga mat. Yoga is especially a great workout for those with existing heart problems, as it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and reduces inflammation. There are several great yoga videos available online. Personally, I subscribed to “Yoga with Adriene,” which can be found on YouTube; she has several yoga series that are perfectly geared towards beginners.

Get a Heart Check-Up

Lastly, in addition to eating right and working out, you need to get a check-up to make sure your heart is in tip-top shape. You should find out what your numbers are, such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Once you have these numbers, you and your doctor will be able to better curate a diet and workout that fits your needs. This year, the best Valentine you can give you and your loved ones is to have your heart checked out so that your can have many more happy, healthy Valentine’s Days down the road.

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