UnitedHealthcare Motion Implements Fitness Wearables

Fitness wearables have been an exceptionally useful tool in helping people lose weight. It also helps people stay on track of their health. Many notable companies have been implementing a subsidiary program for their members to use the technology and track it. If they make a certain goal or hit a mile stone, they are offered a variety of rewards. Thus, UnitedHealthcare Motion has recently begun a program involving the Samsung and Garmin wearables into its Motion Wellness program via a Qualcomm subsidiary.

What’s the perk?

UnitedHealthcare Motion is a program that offers its members access to trackers and rewards up to $1,000 a year for hitting daily fitness goals. The goals consist of:

  • Frequency: complete 500 steps within seven minutes six times per day, at least on hour apart.
  • Intensity: complete 3,000 steps within 30 minutes; and
  • Tenacity: complete 10,000 total steps each day.

The program rewards members and employees $4 per day in financial incentives. The goal of this program is to provide people with more digital and wellness resources that are personalized, connected, and intuitive. With this program, UnitedHealthcare also hopes to see reductions in medical costs, improve well-being, and help members reach their fitness goal. Since the start of UnitedHealthcare Motion’s initiative, participants have collectively walked more than 130 billion steps. They have also earned more than $19 million in rewards.

What’s Qualcomm Life?

The company, Qualcomm Life, has a partnership with UnitedHealthcare Motion. They leverage their globally connected health ecosystem and connectivity expertise to provide secure data transfer from the devices, to the Motion app and to UnitedHealthcare. They are also the brains behind the Samsung Garmin wearables, which work much like FitBits. The company has revolutionized technology in various other ways as well. Qualcomm powered the smartphone revolution. They work with automotive, computing, IoT, and healthcare, as well as allow millions of other devices to connect with each other in different ways.

UnitedHealthcare Motion is just one example of how they are working to create a more health friendly environment. They continue to set the bar for the health care industry and hope to further push their boundaries of success. The administrators of UnitedHealthcare are dedicated to helping people nationwide make their life healthier and better by simplifying the health care experience. The better the health is of the community, the better the world will be. Find out how you can be part of the change for a better life style in your community.

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