Medicare and You: Why You Should Order a Book Each Year

Medicare & YouWith the 2020 year about to begin, you might want to compare your Medicare options for the next year. One way to explore your options is through this year’s 2020 Medicare & You guidebook. The book can be used in many ways most notably providing you the information you need to make good health care choices. This official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook can help you brave the storm providing you with much clarity. What topics are covered in this guide and how can you receive your own?

What is the Medicare and You booklet?

The booklet comes out each year helping better the understanding of those looking for health and drug coverage. The book gives readers a thorough introduction into the parts of Medicare, options, the difference between Original Medicare and MA, as well as how to get the most out of it.

Sections 1-5

The book is split up into ten sections each one offering you wisdom on different aspects of Medicare. The first explains how to sign up and understanding your eligibility. Section two topics discuss coverage such as tests, services, and items that might be needed to keep you in good health. Section three goes into explaining what Original Medicare is. Number four of the booklet talks about what MA Plans are and other options available. Five covers medicare supplement insurance, also known as Medigap.

Sections 6-10

Sections six describes what and how to get prescription drug coverage (Part D). Seven entails getting help paying your health & prescription drug cost through various means like veteran benefits as well as the FEHB program. Eight includes knowing your rights as well as how to protect yourself from fraud. Section nine offers you other resources to receive more information. Finally, section 10 gives you clear definitions for complex jargon.

Your agent should be well versed in the topics covered in the book. They should be up to date on all things Medicare in order to provide you with clarity. Make sure to not use an old guide since Medicare changes every year. In order to grab a book for yourself click here to start reading today!

Got Questions?

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