Happy National Fresh Celery Month!

Happy National Fresh Celery Month!Fresh Celery Month

Apium graveloens, also known by its common name celery, is a vegetable commonly enjoyed around the world. It is a great source of antioxidants and various vitamins, such as K, C, and B6. Fresh celery has many cardiovascular benefits as well as heart health benefits. Celery has many anti-inflammatory agents that can help both blood pressure and cholesterol. These in turn help prevent heart disease and heart attack. This vegetable is high in water, and can prevent dehydration and promote digestion. It can even act as a diuretic, reduce bloating, and is good source of fiber! Most people choose to eat the stalk, but the seeds and leaves carry beneficial health properties as well. Let’s look at some of these properties for Fresh Celery Month.

Helps Your Cholesterol

Maintaining your heart health is essential, especially once you get older. High blood pressure and cholesterol are major factors that can increase your risk of heart disease. Scientists fed rats a high-fat diet for eight weeks. They tested the lipid levels of the rats who were given celery extracts vs. the rats that were not given the extracts. The rats who ate celery had lower levels.

Treats High Blood Pressure

You can find anti-hypertensive properties inside celery seed extracts. These properties can help reduce high blood pressure. However, this benefit is only found within the seeds of the plant, which help improve circulation and lower inflammation. Scientists believe celery acts as a smooth muscle relaxant and improves the flow of certain minerals.

Prevents Stomach Ulcers

Celery can also help prevent the development of stomach ulcers. Scientists found a special kind of ethanol extract in the vegetable, which protects the lining of the digestive tract and replenish gastric mucus levels. Gastric mucus helps prevent holes from forming in our stomachs, and when there is not enough in our system, painful ulcers can form.

Improves Digestion

As previously mentioned, celery has a diuretic effect. This helps the body flush out unwanted toxins. This effect also helps aid in digestion. Furthermore, celery improves circulation within the intestines, which helps the digestion process. This can also help relieve bloating from water retention.

Happy Fresh Celery Month!

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