Stay Active with SilverSneakers

Stay Active with SilverSneakers

Staying active as you age can be difficult. More than 60 Medicare health plans include the fitness program, SilverSneakers. This program encourages seniors of all ages and abilities to be active and stay healthy while having fun. The wellness program does not cost anything for seniors over 65 with an eligible Medicare plan. Check your eligibility on the SilverSneakers website.

Unlimited Gym Access

SilverSneakers’ focus on fitness can take many routes. One option is unlimited gym access. SilverSneakers understands you want to feel comfortable while working out. That’s why they have a network of 15,000 fitness locations you can choose from. Keep in mind, that many gyms offer a wide variety of exercise equipment and facilities. If running isn’t for you, try swimming some laps in the pool. Lift weights at one gym in the morning, and take advantage of another facility’s group classes at night. Find a gym that is right for you. Plenty of options exist.

Remember that before you visit a desired gym, call the facility to confirm an appointment so you can obtain a membership with them at no cost. If you already hold a gym membership, speak to the manager about transferring your account to a SilverSneakers membership.

Exclusive Classes

If you would rather take a class at the gym, an exclusive class may be what you are looking for! Among the classes are SilverSneakers Classic, Circuit, Cardiofit, Yoga, Splash, Stability, Boom Muscle, Boom Mind, and Boom Move It. Exercises in this Classic class increase muscle strength and range of movement, set to music. Circuit offers standing, low-impact choreography-style workouts. Cardiofit is an aerobic class focusing specifically on upper-body and core strength exercises. Yoga focuses on flexibility and balance and incorporates chair support if needed. Splash is a fun, shallow-water exercise class for all skill levels. Stability is a new class designed to help you become stronger. It focuses on ankle, knee, and hip joints and improving reaction time. Boom

The Boom series of the Exclusive classes vary. Muscle includes athletic exercises for conditioning the upper body, toning, and building all-over strength. Move It is a higher-intensity dance class that is cardio-focused and works on endurance. The Boom Mind takes ideas from yoga and pilates. It focuses on strength, confidence, and flexibility. This fusion class is designed to relax your mind and body. Lastly, Move It is a high-intensity dance class that improves cardio and burns calories, you’ll break a sweat in this class.

Community Fitness with Flex

If the gym isn’t quite your scene, try a group class outside of the gym! SilverSneakers FLEX offers unique group classes that are held at recreation centers, retirement communities, pools, parks, and other local locations. Certified instructors lead these classes which range from tai chi to dance class to boot camp. There is something for everyone, and you can do it with friends! The types of classes are always expanding, and SilverSneakers is open to suggestions for new classes. This is a fun alternative to traditional exercise.


SilverSneakers is a great way to meet people. Members celebrate, support, and motivate one another. This community includes people of all backgrounds. Join SilverSneakers to get healthy, and make a few friends along the way! We also offer Silverscript Prescription Drug Plans. Pay Less Now.

Online Classes

If you prefer to exercise at home but still want to enjoy group participation, SilverSneakers offers online classes. You can utilize live online classes at home. Eligible seniors can register for a wide variety of courses. These fun sessions may include walking, cardio, stretching, Chair Pilates, mindfulness, meditation, or additional exercise options. The instructors designate their classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. An online class can range from 15 to 45 minutes. You can RSVP for a class up to a week in advance. If you want to search for specific options, you may use the filter at the top of SilverSneakers’ online class website. On this webpage, you may select classes, dates, time of day, intensity, and instructors for your desired workout. You can register to attend classes up to one week in advance.

Other Community Classes

What if your schedule is more rigid than others? SilverSneakers also offers hundreds of on-demand videos so you can exercise when your schedule allows. Furthermore, SilverSneakers provides local community classes held at parks or community centers for a more intimate in-person exercise session. These sessions do not take place at gyms or similar fitness facilities. You can find community classes throughout your city and neighboring areas on the SilverSneakers’ website.

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