Cigna Introduces High Deductible Plan F

Cigna Health & Life Introduces a High Deductible Plan F

Senior Product Specialist John Shinn discusses Cigna’s new product and how it could be right for you

I want to tell you a little bit about the High Deductible Plan F that’s available now through Cigna Health & Life. Cigna is a very popular company, and they’re known for their regular standard Medicare Supplement. So your Plan F, your Plan G, Plan N, and are very competitive with Cigna Health and Life. Well there’s a new high deductible Plan F that is now available through Cigna Health and Life. It is just like a Plan F. For those of you who don’t know what a High Deductible F is, it’s a very popular plan that works just like a Plan F. It pays all of your hospital bills and Part B expenses that Original Medicare does not pay for.

The big difference is that you must meet a deductible before the plan starts working. The deductible in 2017 is $2,200. It has a $2,200  deductible, and then it starts paying just like a Plan F. Another big difference is the premiums are considerably less. I would say maybe in the neighborhood of $100 a month less. It is a great value for people that don’t mind paying a deductible. If you’re really interested in Medicare Supplemental insurance that works like a Plan F, but there’s a deductible, this plan would be just right for you. Another good thing to know about this is all the other products that are available through Cigna Health and Life. They have a great cancer plan, a cancer heart stroke plan, they have life insurance, accident insurance, all kinds of great products that are designed just for today’s retirees. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to call us and we can fill you in on the differences between a regular plan, and a high deductible plan.

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