Can Pets Revitalize Your Life?

can pets revitalize your life

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Can pets revitalize your life?

Can pets revitalize your life? As it turns out, research shows that there are many benefits to keeping pets! Having a trusty animal companion, especially those of a barking or meowing variety, can play a integral part in achieving better health and longer life.

Can my dog help my health?

A 12-year university study on Swedish residents suggests that dog owners may have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease because their pets provide emotional support and motivation to exercise. Interestingly, this research concludes that dog ownership puts a single person at a lower risk of developing heart diseases and discovered a lower mortality rate in the general population as well. Multi-person households exhibited a 15 percent reduced risk of cardiovascular death. Another study found that children speaking publicly or completing mental arithmetic problems are less stressed when petting their dog for social support. The results were significant compared to children with a parent present, those who did not engage with their dog present, and those without social support to complete the tasks.

Should my dog sleep in my bed?

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Further research by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota discovered that people who slept in the same room as their pet dog slept well. However, on the contrary, individuals who shared their beds with their pet dog reported lower levels of sleep efficiency than the people who only shared the bedroom with their pet. Perhaps your dog does not move around in your bed at night. According to this study, if one desires a full night’s sleep, dogs should not sleep in the same bed as their owners. It sure is nice to hold a furry friend close here and there, though.

Can cats help revitalize your life?

An Australian study analyzed cat owners and non-pet owners. The researchers sought to define the connection between psychological health and pet ownership. An extensive questionnaire examined general psychological health and other factors. The research results observed that cat owners were more likely to have better psychological health than non-pet participants. These cat owners reported feeling more cheerful, more confident, and less nervous. Also, cat-owner responses indicated they sleep, concentrate, and face problems in their lives better than those without pets.

Other scientists examined the stress levels of 120 married couples who owned a cat and those who did not own any pets. Both groups performed challenging assignments at their homes. The tasks included solving a math problem and holding their hand in ice water for two minutes. Before conducting the assignments, the cat owners displayed a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure than those without pets. The cat owners’ heart rates and blood pressures remained lower than the non-pet owners when completing the stressful tasks and made fewer mistakes.

Whether one’s pet is a dog, cat, rabbit, horse, or any other animal, they are valuable in more ways than one! For many people, pets are family members. For some individuals, their pets are the only family they have. If you have one, the mundane joys of pet ownership are obvious, so it’s interesting to learn that something as simple as having an animal buddy can make a positive impact on your physical health, mental health, and emotional stability, and thereby, revitalize your life.

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