Workstation Ergonomics

workstation ergonomics

Workstation Ergonomics

We spend more time in our office sitting down at a desk than we do doing anything else. Therefore, it is crucial to keep our health and comfort in mind. A simple way to do this implementing workstation ergonomics, which are just simple ways of improving our workspace to make us more comfortable. Here are some tips that are a guaranteed way of upgrading your workstation.

Avoid straining your eyes. Keeping your monitor at least an arm’s length away and directly in front of you helps avoid the constant irritation of the lights and movement.

Rest your eyes. Periodically resting your eyes is a great ergonomic practice. The 20-20-20 rule is an easy-to-remember way to do this. Every 20 minutes you take 20 seconds to look away from your monitor at something that is 20 feet away.

Keep feet on the floor. Your feet should never be hanging. They need to fully be planted on the floor. Your knees should also be parallel to the floor. You can adjust your seat to the needed height to accomplish this. However, if your seat is not adjustable, a good footrest can solve the problem.

Have important objects close. Key things such as a stapler, telephone, notes, etc. should be kept towards the front of your desk, while less important things are stored towards the back. This is to avoid extensive reaching which can muscle or back pain.

Get a headset. It may seem easy to just lodge the phone in between your shoulder and your ear while trying to take a call; however, that position can cause severe discomfort. That is why your best bet would be to purchase a headset. It will allow you to multitask and avoid any pain.

Do not slouch. Slouching puts a lot of pressure on the discs and vertebrae of your back. Being aware of your posture at all times will save you from any long-term effects that may come from slouching.

Support your arms. It is so important to keep your arms supported. If they do not have any support, all the weight will be left up to your neck and shoulders which can cause pain and discomfort. Having a chair with armrests or simply scooting in and allowing your arms to lay on the desk would help.

Getting the right chair. A lot of workplace ergonomics has to do with the type of chair you are using. You would want a chair with an adjustable height, armrests, aligns to the curvature of your back and has a good cushion.

Movement. Getting up and doing a little bit of movement is necessary to stay comfortable at work. Stretching your legs about every hour or so is one of the ways to do this. Another tip would be taking the longer route when heading to the bathroom.

A workspace is such a sacred place. We decorate it with pictures and tchotchkes to make it feel more special. These ergonomic tips can work the same way. They will help you feel so comfortable in your work area and they will ensure that your productivity never falters.

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