Wearable Tech; Implications On Health For The Future

We see fitness trackers all the time. Whether it be wearable tech, phone apps, or step counters. Fitness tech has become extremely popular over the last few years. Companies like apple and google are even integrating these components into most of their devices. Giving greater access to users. Recent studies reveal that those who are engaging with these types of devices are more conscious of their health compared to those who aren’t. This discovery not only gives us an idea of how fitness trackers are affecting its members, but also how it’s making diagnoses, medicine, and health results more precise.

What Can The Tech Do?

Wearable tech has seen great strides in recent times. Whether it be smartwatches, rings, bracelets, headbands, and even sensors. Your choices are open. This technology is able to monitor a user’s health, given the device to collect data easily. Whether it be your heart rate, calories burned, blood pressure, steps walked, or time spent exercising, whatever you want to know you can simply find out through one of these wearables.  With more accurate data being collected, physicians will allow multiple benefits to the well being of patients.

Wearable Tech Benefits

With more precise data for vital signs, patients can receive advice and tips from doctors to help minimize risk. Early detection of risk through wearable tech will be able to inform physicians on how to better help their patients. Whether its a new diet plan, a workout regimen, medication reminders, the tech can offer great benefits. Health tech will improve disease treatment and prevention by looking into an individual’s medical history, environment, and lifestyle. Wearable tech can go as far as reminding people to take medications, alert them of abnormal readings, and emergency alerts.

Future Outlook

The impacts of wearable tech outweigh the bad but some caution about using wearable tech. Some believe that carriers could penalize less healthy people because there are no regulations to stop them. For example, those wearing the tech but not being active could be penalized. Others point toward not being able to afford the tech and missing out on rewards and health benefits. Whatever the case we can expect to see wearable tech implementations over the next few years.

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