Silverscript Prescription Drug Plan (PDP)

If you are on the market for a Part D prescription drug plan (PDP), Silverscript might be the one for you. They are owned by CVS and as of 2017, they have 96,000 retail outlets across the US in 49 different states.

Part D of Medicare

For those unfamiliar with Part D, Original Medicare provides these PDPs as an optional benefit. 

Additionally, it is best to enroll during your 7- month initial enrollment period to avoid paying a penalty. If you wish to drop, switch, or join a different PDP you can do so during October 15- December 7 of this year. However, the changes will not take place until January 1st.

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Silverscript Plans

Notably, Silverscript is considered one of the largest and most affordable PDPs that has been approved by Medicare.

They offer three main plans:

  • Choice– This has the lowest premiums, complete coverage, low copayments, and a nationwide network.
  • Plus– Allows for discounts at preferred pharmacies, lower copayments, and Medicare gap coverage benefits
  • Allure -Allure lets you apply for specific pharmaceutical manufacturer rebates. It lowers the price of certain drugs and out-of-pocket payments.

All three of these are great choices, but Silverscript Choice is their most popular plan.


In order to join Silverscript, you cannot have any kind of private insurance or you will automatically be dis-enrolled. For this reason, it’s important to remember that with original Medicare and Part D you will not have coverage for vision, dental or any extra benefits.

Why you might consider Silverscript

Silverscript is one of the leading companies for prescription drug plans.

Lets highlight some of their most popular benefits:

  • Over 67,000 Network Pharmacies
  • $0 annual deductibles on all tiers
  • Gap coverage on preferred and generic drugs
  • Coverage on 3,400 different drugs
  • Prescription mail-order program
  • Contracted with 27,000 preferred pharmacies
  • Save up to 50% by filling your prescription with a preferred pharmacy

Overall, if you are looking for an affordable PDP Silverscript might be the plan for you.

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