Cigna Medicare Supplemental Plans

Today we will be covering a couple of supplemental plans. These are not to be confused with Medicare supplement. They are additional supplemental plans that can be added on to already existing health plans. The first plan is called the cancer treatment policy.

Supplemental Cancer Treatment

The benefits are fixed to help pay for cancer treatment. The patient must be diagnosed with cancer before the benefits are received. There are many lump sum writers attached to this plan. Some of these writers are cancer, heart attack stroke, hospital, ICU, and return of premium. This supplemental is very flexible because of the volume of coverage available to it. Premiums can vary on this cancer treatment policy. the variation occurs because of personal coverage choices. Some of the benefits included with the supplemental cancer treatment plan are; radiation, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, and experimental treatments.

Flexible Choice Cancer Heart and Stroke Plan

The second plan is a lump sum for a diagnosis of cancer, heart conditions, or stroke. Because this plan is a lump sum plan, there is more flexibility to have multiple writers for reoccurrence restoration. The purchase benefits amount for the lumpsum range from $5,000 to $100,000. The lump sum payment can be personally chosen at any amount within this range. This supplemental plan is guaranteed renewable for life. The application has no tobacco questions. These writers can be applied in addition to any active plan.

Additional Supplemental Plans Benefits

Millions of these plans are sold throughout the United States. One of the great perks that come along with a plan like this is that the lump sum payment given can be used for anything. It is not restricted to solely medical expenses like cancer treatments but can be used for travel, food, or housing. Millions of people get extra coverage and keep it for life. Because of all the added benefits, people do not want to let it go.

Supplemental Plans Recap

Supplemental plans are not Medicare supplement plans. They are additions to a pre-existing health insurance plan. Supplemental cancer plan is an additional coverage plan. This supplemental plan allows you to decide which writers you want to add. After being diagnosed, all covered medical expenses will be paid in full. The flexible cancer heart and stroke plan allows a withdrawal between $5,000 and $10,000. This lump sum cash can be used for anything.

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