Safe Vacations During COVID

When planning your safe vacations during COVID, consider these closer-to-home options, as well!  

With spring and summer on their way, many are planning vacations and outings to break out of the monotony of this past winter. Though new vaccinations and ongoing social distancing efforts have helped keep cases at bay between surges, the pandemic is still far from over. When planning your safe vacations during COVID, consider these closer-to-home options, as well!

Get Outside

As the weather warms back up, another safe option is to get outside! Last summer, we saw a drop in the number of cases as people were more likely to socialize in open-air environments with plenty of space to spread out and practice social distancing. In the colder weather, we’re more likely to be cooped up inside and to choose indoor places to interact socially, like restaurants or coffee shops, where people are trapped in a confined space. Hopefully, with the warmth and the continued rollout of the COVID vaccine, we will see another drop in cases!

If you enjoy camping, try taking a long weekend at a state park! You can take a tent or rent a cabin if they’re available in your area. Especially in the age of doomscrolling – where our social feeds are drenched in emotionally upsetting news – unplugging and getting back to nature for a few days may be exactly what you need!

Vacay versus Staycay

If you are in a high-risk group or have yet to get your COVID vaccine and are worried about potential health risks, you can plan a relaxing getaway without ever having to leave your house! A staycation is a perfect opportunity to unwind and unplug without having to shell out on an expensive vacation. To ensure that your time off is relaxing, make sure your space is organized so you’re not worried about cleaning and try to leave your electronics off for a while each day. Instead of watching TV or texting, cook a special meal that you’ve been wanting to try, read that book that’s been unopened on the nightstand for months, or pick up a new artsy hobby. Let yourself enjoy being in the moment in your own space!

Virtual Experiences

Looking to take your staycation a step further? A variety of organizations and governments are providing educational and sightseeing tours of their areas that you can access at little to no cost so you can explore a new city without ever leaving your couch! Some attractions like museums have virtual tours, too. The virtual vacation possibilities are endless!

Explore over 2,000 art museums and galleries with Google Arts and Culture. Google virtual tours of whatever major city you want to see and a tour likely exists! You can even take virtual trips to places like the San Diego Zoo, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Yellowstone National Park, and Yosemite National Park!

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