Coronavirus Still a Threat for Many

Many people have been following the newest cases of coronavirus and wonder how it will affect the recent re-opening of the nation’s economy. With no end in sight to this vicious disease, some experts are predicting another complete economic shutdown. Some states are thriving now that they have re-opened many restaurants, stores, and salons, but most are simply realizing that coronavirus is still a threat for many people, infecting record numbers.

Coronavirus Still a Threat for Many

coronavirus vs fluWhile the economy has finally been working to get back on track, COVID cases are still going strong, causing a major debate about how safe we really are in public places. California recently reported 6,000 new cases, with LA County alone accounting for 2,000 of those. In Texas, 5,000 cases were reported in just one day, with hospitals seeing an overflow of patients. Florida made a shocking announcement of their own: the median age for coronavirus patients in the Sunshine State dropped from 65 to 37. Dr. Cheryl Holder claims there is a simple reason for this: “If you look at who is staying in and following the guidelines, [it’s] older people who are at risk. The older folks got [the message]; the young people, not so much.” People are becoming so careless when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19 that some popular drinking spots have had their liquor licenses suspended for having too many reported cases. While everyone needs to be held accountable for their own actions (and well-being), if businesses are not enforcing restrictions, then they are putting lives in jeopardy. As of Tuesday, the number of new cases reached 34,700 – the third-highest amount in the U.S. since COVID infected the nation.


Other countries around the globe are seemingly concerned about COVID still going strong in the U.S. The European Union has even vocalized their desire to block American travelers from entering any of their 27-nations as they re-open their economies as well. Still, other overseas countries are experiencing the threat of COVID cases as well. Serbia announced an increase in cases shortly after tennis pro Novak Djokovic held a charity event without any social distancing precautions. South Africa reported its highest death toll: 111 victims in just one day. So why is the U.S. still setting records? Experts say people need to do more to protect themselves now than when quarantine first began. Now that people are out and about again, coming into contact with more surfaces and people, it is more important than ever to be covering your nose and mouth, washing your hands regularly, and maintaining a safe distance from those around you. Continue to leave your home as little as possible, only for necessary outings. Maintain a clean workspace and keep yourself separate from co-workers if you are not working from home, and always remember to regularly disinfect electronics and any materials you use throughout the day. It is possible that the virus could have little to no effect on some people who contract it, but it’s important to be mindful of others who could be in serious danger if they were to get sick.

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