Buying Directly From a Carrier vs Agent

Buying Directly From a Carrier vs Agent



Interview with DeWayne Long, Empower Brokerage National Sales Director. That is a great question, and I can answer that very easily. We have direct contracts with carriers, and we have excellent relationships with them. A carrier provides you with support and answers questions about underwriting and product information.


Think of  Empower Brokerage as the Super-Center of insurance products. We handle every specific gamete of insurance products all over the nation. We have to accommodate every independent agent’s need from Hawaii to New York. Empower Brokerage has an unbiased opinion, that is one difference. A carrier will try to push their product, whether it meets the specific need of the client or not. With Empower Brokerage, you tell us what the need is and we tell you which carrier offers the best benefits. So that is a big deal, an ability to bring a solution no matter what the product is.


The second difference is the ability for us to provide a lot of additional support that a carrier does not. For example, when an agent gets contracted, most carriers do not provide them with any type of significant lead support. Empower Brokerage has four very enhanced abilities to provide agents with an unfair advantage with four different specific lead programs. These are significant, and carriers typically do not provide agents with these types of enhanced lead programs.

Carrier vs Brokerage

With a carrier, agents get contracted directly, and then they go sell. Empower helps train and teach  agents. We provide agents with enhanced rating tools ACA, life insurance, life & financial, final expense, ancillary products, traditional Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Advantage. You name it we have it.

Carriers do not provide rating tools. For one of our rating tools, we make a financial investment of $150/month per agent. That is what we pay- that is not what the agent pays. So if an agent gets contracted they are going to be contracted with a specific insurance company.

But to answer the real question, we provide a lot of enhancements. In regards to these technology tools, lead programs, and an unbiased opinion, agents do a need assessment. We provide you with the solution of multiple carrier options. This is always going to put the agent in a better position to serve your consumer needs. Empower Brokerage serves as unbiased back room support to give you the technology tools to put our money where our mouth is. If agents have the right mix of carriers with us, as an Empower Brokerage agent, we provide these technology tools which gives our agents significant advantages over others that try to say, ‘hey the grass is greener’.

So hopefully that answers your question of how Empower Brokerage compares to our competition.

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