Why Choose a Medicare Supplement?

Why Choose a Medicare Supplement?

Choosing Medicare plans confuses some people about their options. There are so many different situations people need to consider, with varying costs and risks involved.
With Medicare Supplement, you have the freedom to go to any of the following at any time:

  • Doctor
  • Hospital
  • Specialist
  • Nursing facility
  • Home care facility
  • Provider

Also, Medicare Supplement allows foreign travel emergency benefits, which allows policy holders to be seen easily overseas.

Furthermore, there is guaranteed renewable for life which means, as long as the policy holder pays the premium, it can not be cancelled.

Plan F, which according to Senior Medicare Specialist, John Shinn is the best supplement, offers no:

  • Deductibles
  • Copays
  • Coinsurance
  • Annual max
  • Lifetime max
  • Waiting period for pre existing conditions
  • Medical exam required

Whereas, Medicare Supplements pay up to 100% of all Medicare approved Part A and Part B insurance expenses, it is not paid in full by Medicare. In contrast, Medicare Advantage can change annually. Also, Medicare Supplements are more predictable; benefit designs are consistent and allows the policy holder more freedom. Initially, the Medicare Advantage option may seem like a better deal on the surface, since the cost tends to be less monthly. However, it can end up being more expensive if you consider paying out-of-pocket expenses. With Medicare Supplements, you pay a monthly premium to reduce, or eliminate, your out-of-pocket expenses.

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