Medicare Plan Choices – Common Concerns

Common Concerns When Choosing a Medicare Plan

There are several major changes in a person’s life. The change from middle school to high school. The change to college is one of the biggest changes in a young adult’s life. Then, marriage and having children, buying a first home, and entering the workforce. But, something happens after all of that. A settling of change happens for many people. Nothing big happens for a while. There are kids graduating and going through their own changes, which we help them through. But nothing major until retirement happens. And, trying to understand Medicare and Social Security is indeed a new adventure for those turning 65. So, we asked an expert at Empower Brokerage what he thought about the most common concerns people have, when they retire.

According to Senior Medicare Specialist, John Shinn, there are two main concerns medicare beneficiaries have when selecting a Medicare plan.

Top Concerns:

  1. Not being knowledgeable enough
    • Make yourself more knowledgeable by reading ‘Medicare and You’, which you can pick up from your local Social Security office or subscribe to
    • Attend seminars to learn more
    • Talk to an independent agent who is experienced with Medicare. It is important that the agent you speak with is an independent agent, meaning they are contracted with multiple carriers, guaranteeing you get the best coverage, and the best deal. There are plenty of qualified sources to get this information. You need to seek counsel and ask questions.
  2. Getting the wrong policy
    •  Not being able to get out of your policy
    • Paying too much
    • Getting poor service and not enough benefits. There’s no excuse for this. Demand good service from your insurance agent, or find one who will give you the service you deserve.

To ensure you get the best plan for you at the best rate, research to learn more by visiting, and/or speaking with an experienced, independent agent. All of the agents at Empower Brokerage are independent agents, who are contracted with multiple carriers.

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