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In order to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, you want to have the appropriate tools. This means making the necessary upgrades to your phone systems. Having an outdated system can lead to problems that negatively impact your business. To stay on top of your game, your business phone needs these features.


Any large or small business can benefit from having announcements (greetings). Essentially, announcements are a few lines that the caller will hear when on hold. It can be anything from letting them know they are in a waiting line to sharing any new information about your business. It keeps the caller entertained for a few seconds and it allows you to have some time to prepare for the call if you were otherwise busy.


If hiring a receptionist is not in your budget, you may want to look into an auto-attendant. It functions as an automated receptionist. It will greet the caller and, through the caller pressing numbers or giving vocal cues, can navigate them to the right department. It cuts out the middle man but keeps your business looking professional.

Multi-Device Support

Running a business can involve a lot of ups and downs, and may not allow you to spend a lot of time at a desk. However, you still want to make sure you can maximize your business efforts. This is why you want your business phones to have multi-device support. Your office phone and your cell phone can get the same calls while using the same number. This allows you to be on-the-go and still work just as efficiently.


Not every business can afford an IT department, and that is perfectly fine. This just means you want to make sure your phone system is easy to use. It should not take you longer than 15 minutes to set up your phone system. If you’re finding your phone system to be difficult, you may want to shop around and find something simpler.


The prices per phone system vary quite a bit. You want to make sure you are getting all the necessary phone features at an affordable cost. They can usually range from $19 to $50 monthly. More features mean a higher price, but you can surely shop around and find the perfect price for your business.

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