The Three Rs: Refocus, Refuel, and Retool

Especially in hard times, it is important to remember the three Rs: refocus, refuel, and retool.

This year has been a chaotic time and has left many feeling the effects of stress and burnout. According to ABC News, the percentage of Americans who are reporting depression and related symptoms tripled due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Especially in hard times, it is important to remember the three Rs: refocus, refuel, and retool.


It’s easy to get distracted from what really matters, especially when faced with adversity or stress. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can make us feel like nothing matters, but really, focusing on what matters to you is more important now than ever. It is crucial, then, to refocus every once in a while. Get back to your roots. Focus on what you love. Take up a new hobby. Think back to what inspires you to get up and work hard each morning. Whatever the reason, remember your purpose and refocus on why you do what you do.


Burnout affects nearly everyone at one point or another and causes both physical and mental health issues, according to Western Governors University. Burnout is caused by chronic stress is generally thought to be associated with mental health conditions like depression. Burnout is typically seen in the workplace, but can also occur in any long-term stressful situation and can increase an individual’s chance of suffering from physical conditions like diabetes and heart disease? Therefore self-care is so important. No one is meant to hold all the stress of a tough workday 24/7. Play with your grandkids. Go see a movie. Run a hot bubble bath. Find something that takes your mind off work and work on refueling at home to improve your health, productivity, and overall wellness.


Sometimes, life can get messy. Even though you still may have all of your tools on your toolbelt, they may not be in the best order for use. The same goes for your metaphorical toolbelt. It is important to step back on occasion and reassess or reorganize the tools you carry with you every day. This may involve keeping up to date on news articles or training courses in a field that interests you, or even finding a hobby that keeps your mind sharp. Don’t be afraid to make physical lists of all the thinks you need to get done and all of the tools at your disposal. Prioritize your tasks for added motivation and efficiency in your day!

The three Rs model was initially introduced to Empower Brokerage agents by David Russell, a former regional sales director with the organization. These are some great tips that can help you regain and maintain your energy and motivation during hard times.

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