Selecting a Medicare Plan 4

Selecting a Medicare Plan

Faye, what do you tell your clients when they’re worried about whether or not they’ll be able to keep their doctor?

I usually tell them we have checked to be sure they are in the network, and that there is another type of program where they can go to any doctor they want. So I would introduce them to that program and see if they like that. If they want to keep their doctors we will go on the Doctors Finder List to be sure that they are in the network.

So you check with the list. What are the plans called where they can go to any doctor?

That is the PPO Plan.

What do you feel like are the biggest fears your clients have when they are selecting a Medicare plan?

The biggest fear that they have is that they do not have MedicareSo I explain to them that if they get Medicare Advantage the only difference is is that they are getting extra benefits.

Do you find that they have questions about the plan that they are selecting? In terms of which company they should pick, what is your process for helping them select a plan?

Well actually, what I do is find out what their needs are. We go over those needs, and then if it’s around a plan, or very close to plan that we have or that I have, I will go over the summary of benefits with them to be sure that it is covering everything and meeting all their needs. If it does meet their needs then that’s how they will select the service.

Do you think when a consumer’s picking a Medicare plan that they should work with an agent?

I do, because they can ask questions that they might have in mind, and be able to make an informed decision.

Are there any plans that when you help of consumers select a Medicare plan? Are there any other types of coverages outside of Medicare that you think the client should look at and review their needs in those areas?

A lot of times they are looking for a dental and vision. And believe it or not, some of them really want to be fit. So I will introduce them to, some of them call it the silver sneakers, or the silver fit. So I would introduce them to those and they would see which one fits their situation and how it would work for them.

Why do you work with Empower Brokerage?

Well because they give me more support and training. If I have questions I think of them and they can answer it for me.

So you would recommend them power brokerage to other agents?

I definitely would.

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4 thoughts on “Selecting a Medicare Plan

    • Andrea Hektner

      There are plans out there that provide both, but it depends on a few factors, such as the area you live in! You can call and speak to an agent right now, and they can go over what’s available in your area. You can reach an agent at 1-888-446-9157!

  • Lorene Cochell

    I am on oxygen so ive been told that I can not get into Medicare supplement plan because I have a pre existing condition. So the only other choice I have is Medicare advantage plans and none of my Dr’s take humans so I only have I choice which is blue cross is this correct?

    • Bill Bronson Post author

      Lorene, I realize you may have already chosen a plan but that can always be corrected. I want to thank you for your question and assure you that we will fully answer it. We’ve done some research and found out that there is a Medigap plan that accepts people with some health issues. It’s simple to apply and find out. I’ve spoken to one of our agents here and he would love to help you. His name is Anthony and he can be reached at (817) 410-5815. Tell him you were referred by Bill and he will remember our conversation. If it turns out that Med Advantage is the only option for you, he can help you with that as well. Our only goal is to give you a complete picture of your options and then help you get the coverage you need. We represent most major carriers nationwide. Thanks again for your question and don’t hesitate to reply.