Medicare Supplement E-Apps Take Flight

Medicare Supplement E-Apps Take Flight

Medicare Supplement E-Apps Taking FlightPaper applications are slowly becoming a thing of the past and electronic applications, or e-Apps, are revolutionizing the insurance game.  Many carriers provide electronic applications because they pose several advantages, not only to insurance agents, but to you as a customer.

One carrier that uses Medicare Supplement e-Apps is Mutual of Omaha. Signing up with them is very easy, as a result.

Below are five reasons from Mutual of Omaha’s website on how e-Apps benefit the enrollment process.

1. E-Apps Save Time and Are Intuitive

You can complete an e-App in minutes with the guidance of your insurance agent. Before allowing you to continue to the next page, an e-App will list exactly what is missing. This eliminates the guesswork out of form filling. E-Apps are also intuitive. As you answer questions, the form begins to reveal only the additional questions you need. This makes enrollment quicker and specifically tailored to your needs.

2. E-Apps Are Always Accurate and Current

E-Apps are web based and, therefore, always up to date. This is beneficial to the enrollment process. For example, you won’t have to fill out an application a second time if your agent accidentally brought an outdated paper form. All e-Apps have underwriting rules automatically applied – entirely eliminating technical errors.

3. One Signature Covers All Documents

As you may know from paper applications, there are several pages that you have to apply your wet signature to. With e-Apps you no longer have to sign multiple pages. An e-App is complete with only one signature. Mutual of Omaha Med Sup e-Apps give you the option to sign either electronically, by voice or by wet signature.

4. E-Apps Are Issued Faster

E-Apps are issued much faster because they are entered in real-time. For instance, if your old policy expires in a few days, fear not, your new e-App will get you covered in no time.

5. E-Apps Reduce Paper Usage

By using e-Apps, you partake in the green movement and help reduce paper waste. In addition, your agent will not have to carry paper forms giving him or her a lighter load during visits. Overall, its a win-win for you, your agent and the environment.

E-Apps Are Here To Stay

With e-Apps becoming more prevalent in the insurance world, you are bound to come across an agent who uses an electronic device to sign you up for a Medicare Supplement application. Don’t be surprised if starting next week, you see agents with tablets or computers in hand.


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