Why You Need to Switch to a Natural Deodorant

Deodorant is necessary. Without it, you will likely lose friends and alienate people. While no one wants to be known as the friend who smells bad, it’s important to use the right kind of deodorant. Most everyone buys the popular brands easily found at the grocery store. However, regular deodorant and antiperspirants can lead to skin irritation, disease, and even worse perspiration and body odor.

But don’t sweat it! (Pun intended.) There are healthy alternatives to your name-brand deodorant. There are several natural deodorants out on the market that get the job done. Still not convinced that you should make the switch? Here is a list of reasons why common deodorants are harmful to your health:

Sweating Is Good for Your Health

No one feels their prettiest when they’re sweating profusely after a workout session or being outside in the sun. But though sweating may look and feel gross, it is incredibly important because it is your body’s way of regulating temperature and releasing toxins. However, most chemically-laden deodorants work to clog pores and prevent the release of sweat necessary to cool your body down (hence why they’re called antiperspirants).

Most people rely on deodorant not only to prevent excess sweat but also to prevent body odor. But did you know that sweat isn’t what smells? Sweat is merely salt and water. The source of body odor is actually the natural bacteria living on our skin that comes into contact with the sweat. Furthermore, deodorant causes a buildup of good bacteria which digests the buildup of sweat, leaving behind bad bacteria, which makes your sweat smell bad. Lastly, the aluminum compounds common in most deodorants can have an acidic reaction to fabric. This reaction not only worsens the smell but it also leaves behind gross sweat stains on white t-shirts.

You can easily change the reaction by switching to an all-natural deodorant. Natural deodorants won’t clog your pores, resulting in a buildup of sweat and bacteria. By not clogging pores, natural deodorants will reduce body odor, as well as yellow pit stains.

Studies Find Link between Some Diseases and Deodorants

Since deodorants are applied frequently to the skin near breasts, many studies report that the chemicals commonly found in popular deodorant brands can contribute to breast cancer. As it turns out, your skin absorbs the chemicals in the deodorant, which can have an estrogen-like hormonal effect. Plus, antiperspirants work to prevent sweating by closing the pores, which results in built-up sweat and bacteria beneath the skin. Not only does this cause bumpy, painful irritation on the skin, but it also means your body retains toxins that your body should sweat out; this is not good for your health.

The aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants are especially bad as they are linked to not only breast cancer but also Alzheimer’s Disease. Lastly, some deodorants can contain infertility-causing toxic chemicals. For these reasons alone, people should seriously consider making the switch to an all natural deodorant.

Make sure to protect your eyes when exposed to sunlight or UV reflection, and check with your doctor if you experience any signs of eye damage.

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