Is Plan F Here to Stay?

If I have a Plan F, am I going to be able to keep it? Or is it totally going away in January 2020?

Many of you may have heard about this legislation that’s already passed and be thinking that it may affect you and your Medicare supplement plan. Well, the good news is it’s not going to affect you.

There are four things that you really need to know:

Number One

Number one is if you have a Medicare supplement plan now, you’re eligible for Medicare prior to January 1st, 2020 you’re going to be able to keep your plan. In fact, you’ll be able to even change your plan after 2020. So if you have one now, if you’re eligible for Medicare Pit prior to January 1st, 2020 you’re going to be just fine as far as being able to get a plan or keep plan.

Number Two

Number two is if you’re not eligible for Medicare prior to January 1st, 2020 then you won’t be able to get a plan. It won’t be offered to you if you’re not eligible until after 2020.

Number Three

Number three is if you are already enrolled in a Plan F, you don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to. You can just change.

Number Four

The fourth point I’d like to make is that 12 million people carry Medicare supplements. So that’s a huge number of people on Medicare. They carry Medicare Supplements, it’s either a plan F or a Plan G, or some other plan design. A Plan F is the most popular and it has been for a long time There’s several reasons why people carry Plan F. Number one is you can use any doctor, any hospital, and any other Medicare-approved provider. Any provider who accepts Medicare will take a Medicare supplement either a Plan G or Plan F, or any other plan designs.

Plan F

But the reason millions of people carry a Plan F, and the reason you’re going to be able to continue carrying your Plan F, is there are no deductibles, no co-pays, or no co-insurance. There’s no annual maximum, and no lifetime maximum for Medicare supplement Plan F. There is no waiting period for preexisting conditions. There’s no medical exam requirement. This plan pays 100 percent of all Medicare-approved charges that are eligible but not paid in full Medicare.

The number one most important reason is that these plans are guaranteed renewable for life. So if you’ve heard that Medicare supplement Plan F are going away in 2020, the good news is they’re not. You’ll be able to keep them if you already have one and you’ll be able to change it.

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