Medicare Seminar at Jain Soc

Medicare Seminar at Jain Soc

On Sunday, April 2nd, Empower Brokerage’s Senior Product Specialist John Shinn hosted a Medicare seminar at Jain Soc in Dallas.

Empower Brokerage insurance agent and author Malti Patel presented at the seminar. Malti immigrated to America with her 82-year-old mother-in-law from Kenya in 2001. She struggled to find the right coverage for her mother-in-law. And out of that struggle, she learned a lot about Medicare and how it works. Patel wrote a book entitled Lifting the Mists: A simple guide to a complex welfare system for elderly immigrants and their families.

Basics of Medicare

At the seminar, Patel spoke about understanding the basics of Medicare. Medicare can be confusing at first. There are many parts, plans, and providers to choose from. Malti broke down the different parts of Medicare for the attendees. She explained the specifics of Parts A, B, and D and how they differ. For example, you pay Medicare for Part A and Part B, while you pay a private insurer for Part D.

Medicare Coverage

John and Malti also spoke about what Medicare covers. The plan includes:

  •  100% of the first 60 days of a hospital stay
  • 80% of Medicare-approved medicare services (like doctor visits and outpatient services)
  • some preventative services. 

You must understand what healthcare Medicare covers and what it does not cover. Medicare does not cover long-term care, dental, vision, acupuncture, and more healthcare products.

Private Insurance covers certain things in part or the complete amount. The coverage may include deductibles, coinsurance amounts, and prescription drugs.)

Medigap, or Medicare Supplement Insurance, is private health insurance for individuals. Private insurance companies sell it to consumers, and the products work with Original Medicare Parts A & B.

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