Medicare Mistake #2: Failing to Enroll in Part B on Time

Medicare Mistake #2:

Failing to Enroll in Part B on Time

It’s critical that you sign up at the right time. If you do not, you risk coverage delays, late penalties and fees. Extra charges could be added to your premiums for all future years.

If you, or your spouse, have active health coverage, beyond age 65, from an employer with 20 or more workers, you can delay Part B enrollment without penalty until the job ends. Otherwise, you need to sign up during your seven-month initial enrollment period, which includes the month you turn 65, three months before and three months after.

If the above explanation is confusing to you, don’t worry. Many retirees find it difficult to wade through the new language and qualifications of being retired. It’s a different phase of your life and it’s new to you. That’s why we have licensed insurance agents, standing by, to help you understand what benefits you qualify for, what to keep in mind while choosing those benefits, and how to enroll for them.

Most people spent an average of 18 years in school. When you graduated, and entered the workforce, it was a shock and you had to learn a whole new set of rules. When you moved out on your own, there was a new set of rules. And if you got married, there was another whole set of rules. So, this is no different. Retiring doesn’t need to be frustrating. We can help you understand your options and get everything set up with your insurance and Medicare needs. Contact one of our licensed insurance agents to learn more.



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