GTL’s Hospital Indemnity Plan

hospital indemnity

Even for people with Medicare Advantage, medical bills can add up quickly from emergency medical services and hospital stays. The hospital indemnity plan through GTL can fill coverage gaps, cover hospital copays, and protect you from out-of-pocket exposure for as little as $22 a month.

Hospital Indemnity Coverage Could Help You

Depending on the plan selected, GTL’s hospital indemnity plan covers between $100-$750 per day on out-of-pocket expenses. Clients can choose a 3, 6, 10, or 21-day benefit period, which is restored after 60 days of no hospitalization. Benefit payments are sent directly to the client so they can choose how to use the funds.

Benefit riders can also be added to these plans to cover vision, dental, ambulance, outpatient surgery, or cancer expenses.

GTL’s hospital indemnity plan is guaranteed issue for clients ages 64 ½ and 65 ½ and it is guaranteed renewable for life! Plus, GTL is well-known for its rate stability; their rates very rarely go up.

Great With Medicare Advantage

GTL’s Hospital Indemnity plan adds huge value to your Medicare Advantage clients who risk out-of-pocket exposure. It is important for them to be informed of how this plan can protect their savings. In the event of an unexpected hospital stay, this inexpensive plan allows your clients to focus on recovery instead of focusing on the financial burden of medical expenses.

To learn more about how a GTL Hospital Indemnity plan can benefit your clients, contact our Senior Product specialist.

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