When to Get a Medicare Supplement

National Sales Director, DeWayne Long discusses when is the best time to get a Medicare Supplement.

DeWayne explains that everyone is different, and when to get a Medicare Supplement depends on your specific need.

With Medicare, there are different things you need to consider, such as:

  • If you’re coming off of a group medical plan
  • If you have a special election
  • What your options are
  • If it is Annual Election Period

Annual Enrollment Period

During Annual Enrollment Period you can choose drug coverage, and you have the option of Medicare Advantage. There are certain factors about what your objective is and where you are that you have to answer. These considerations include your zip code, the state of your health, and the medications you currently take.

Geographic Factors

Your access to quality healthcare depends on where you live. There are different degrees of acceptability, as well as many rules. There are some carriers that offer traditional Medicare Supplements or Medicare Advantage. It comes down to whether or not your provider/specialist/hospital accepts a Medicare Advantage plan. A supplement will pay as long as they accept a Medicare patient, and Medicare approves the bill.

There is no network and that makes a big difference when you’re dealing with a lot of your options. You may have an HMO (health maintenance organization) or a PPO (preferred provider organization) that dictates you have certain providers. You have to go to these specified carriers or you could be penalized, or not granted access to the care you need locally or nationally. The real key depends on you.

Empower Brokerage

We are an unbiased opinion. If you are interested in a complete needs assessment, we’d be happy to do one. There is no obligation to be able request a needs assessment, and if you want to talk to a licensed agent in your state who is equipped and able to answer questions about what your options are, then Empower Brokerage would be your one source solution. We invite you to come in and we will take care of you. That is really the key, its all about you, one size does not fit all. It’s about what you’re looking to do, and where you live. As I sum it up, that is the key for you to think about. Empower Brokerage would be a great remedy for you, so contact us.

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