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A lot of us take pride in our home, but sometimes our busy lives can take precedent over cleaning up. Try decluttering with these 4 methods.

KonMari Method

This first method was developed by tidying expert and star of her own Netflix tv show, Marie Kondo. Her method is characterized by decluttering all at once, instead of room by room. For example, you would decide on a category such as clothing. Then you would grab every single piece of clothing throughout your entire house and pile it up. With each item that you go through, you need to ask yourself it “sparks joy”. If it does, then you keep it, and if it does not, you get rid of it. All the items that you no longer want, should be sent away with gratitude. The idea is that each item served a purpose in your life, even if just to tell you that you have no use for items similar to it.

F.A.S.T. Method

The next method to declutter your home was developed by Peter Walsh. His short acronym provides a simple and memorable way to make the decluttering process easier.

  • Finding the Right Time- Decluttering can be a lengthy process. Scheduling a day that gives you ample time to finish will not allow you to leave a half-finished job.
  • Anything Not Used in 12 Months- Face it, if you have not used it in the past year, you probably never will.
  • Somebody Else’s Stuff- Maintaining your things organized is hard enough. If it does not belong to you, give it back or throw it out.
  • Trash- Some clutter is past the point of saving. Keep a trash can on deck to get rid of all the useless items lying around your home.

4-Container Method

Another method to simplify the decluttering process is the 4-container method. All it requires is four boxes, baskets, etc. with these labels:

  • Trash- This container will hold all things that are past the point of donation, or things you do not want anymore.
  • Give away/sell- Any items that no longer serve a purpose for you, may benefit someone else. You can perform a good deed or make some extra cash through a garage sale all while decluttering.
  • Storage- There are some things that you want to keep but do not use often. These should be put up in storage, so they are not taking up valuable space.
  • Put away- Most clutter is made up of things that are not put back in their designated spaces. This container will hold those items that need to be put away in their correct spots.

30-Day Minimalist Game

The final decluttering method is a challenge meant to be done with friends or family. The idea is that you will get rid of a certain number of items that correspond with the day. For example, on the first day you get rid of one item, the second day two items, and so on. The challenge is to see who goes the longest number of days. This method is a great way to take decluttering day by day, but it can become difficult in the latter days. If 30 days is too long for you, it can be reduced to a shorter length of time. The point is that you are keeping yourself accountable when decluttering while including your friends and family.

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