Cancer Plan Provides Lump Sum Benefits at a Low Price

Welcome back to the Dynamic Duo with me, Allie Shipman, and my partner, John Shinn. Last time on our video we talked about Cigna supplemental benefit plans and how they can benefit you. Today, we’re going to talk about a couple of other supplemental plans that are not Medicare supplements. They are a different type of supplemental plan, i.e cancer plans, that will also benefit you.

Cancer Plan

One of the plans from Cigna is called the Cancer Treatment policy. It has fixed benefits to help you pay for cancer treatment upon diagnosis. This cancer plan can be issued to ages 18-99, and it’s a guaranteed renewable for life. There are also lump sum riders for cancer, heart attack, and stroke available. It also has hospital, I.C.U., and return of premium riders as well. So, it’s very flexible. You can choose the amount of coverage that you want, which will adjust the premium. Some of the cancer treatment benefits include radiation, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, experimental treatments, and more.

Flexible Cancer/Heart/Stroke Plan

The other plan that we have is the Flexible Choice Cancer/Heart and Stroke plan. This one is great because you get lump sum benefits for a diagnosis of cancer, heart conditions, and stroke. It also has the flexibility to add multiple riders, reoccurrence, restoration, a more. The purchase benefits for the lump sum are from $5,000 – $100,000. So, you can pick whatever you want in between, and as soon as you get that diagnosis you get that lump sum. It is also guarantee renewable for life and there are no tobacco questions on the application. These are great riders to add on to your Medicare supplement plan. You need to protect yourself and your family, and this is the best way to do it.

The Cigna Cancer, Heart, and Stroke policy is highly popular in the United States today.  A big question we hear all the time is, “do I need a cancer, heart and stroke plan policy when I already have my Medicare supplement or Medicare advantage plan?” The answer is always “yes!” Millions of these types of policies are sold in the United States every year. These are lump sum benefits that come to you when you first receive that diagnosis. For example, if you had a $50,000 policy that you purchased and you’re diagnosed with any kind of cancer, you will be able to file a claim and get that money.

Why Do You Need These Plans?

Where the big experience comes in is the non-medical expenses. When it’s related to a disease, such as cancer or heart attack, this plan provides extra cash for what you need when you need it. You could use it for unpaid medical expenses or travel expenses. You may live in one city and there is a renowned treatment center you might want to go to a couple of towns away. The plan provides extra money – money that can be used to pay for the trip to that facility, lodging for loved ones, or loss of income.

The Cigna Flexible Cancer, Heart, and Stroke plan is one of the best policies of this kind you can get. It has many great features and is something everyone should consider. The plan is relatively inexpensive so it’s worth checking out and exploring what this type of coverage can do for you.

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