Breaking Down Your Medicare Number Code

Breaking Down Your Medicare Number Code

Senior Product Specialist, John Shinn, discusses Medicare Number Codes

Getting Started with Medicare

A question we get here all the time from people that are just turning 65, or just getting on Medicare, is how do you file for Medicare? How do you apply for Medicare? Then a really important question is, when do you get your Medicare claim number back? You get your Medicare card, and then you’ll have a claim number, which is normally your social security number. It could be, if you are the spouse of someone who is eligible for Medicare, you’d use their Social Security number and have a letter behind your name that would designate who you are and what your status is.

Common Medicare Code Numbers

A common letter behind the Medicare claims number is the letter A. So you have your Social Security number and then the letter A. That means that you’re the primary wage earner who qualified and whose work history qualifies for Social Security. Then you’ll see a spouse of that same wage earner who has the letter B behind her name, let’s say, and it’s her husband’s Social Security number so you’d see his Social Security number and the letter A. And then you might see his Social Security again with the letter B. And that tells the people in Social Security or Medicare that this is a spouse of the primary wage earner.

Most of us already know that is how you apply for Medicare- you go to Social, and you can apply very easily online. Or you can the 800 number for Medicare and they will gladly help you. It’s very easy. Apply for Medicare or you could go to the Social Security office and all three of those really work well.

These codes are the things that we want to talk to you about today. There’s a whole list as you can see, maybe 35 codes that come along with this. Recently, I saw a lady had a D behind her social security number, and that D stood for deceased spouse of a primary wage earner. It had her husband’s Social Security number and then a D behind it for deceased. We also see just a tidbit of information numbers codes like B, or B6 this means that you’re a divorced spouse of a primary wage earner. You’ll see the letter T that code lets people know that you have applied for Medicare Part A and B. You have those benefits, but you’re not yet receiving your Social Security benefits.


So today, as many of you know, you can apply for Medicare when you’re 65, and then you have to wait until you’re 66 to actually qualify for Social Security. So in that case if you’re receiving Medicare and not yet on Social Security you may have a T behind your last name. Anyway, in our post today we’re going to provide a chart for you to look down the list. For those of you that want to know this sort of thing, but it is a very common question that we get. So we want to share that with you today. Hope this helps.

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