The Best Medicare Option for Your Dental and Vision Needs

The Best Medicare Option for Your Dental and Vision Needs

Do you require dental, vision, hearing, and other benefits as part of your Medicare plan? If so, DeWayne Long – the National Sales Director for Empower – shares his insight into which Medicare option will best suit your needs.

Medicare Advantage

Just a reminder: there are four parts to Medicare. There are Part A Hospital, Part B Medical, Part C Medicare Advantage, and Part D Drug Coverage. As for Part C, the government regulates Medicare Advantage through Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In other words, the government subsidizes the Medicare Advantage plan options provided by the carriers. The insurance companies are paid a per member per month fee to provide this type of coverage. The carriers then develop the Medicare Advantage plan based on how much money they are given by the government. When looking at the actuarial, which means how much a plan offers, many of the carriers offer incentives like dental and vision, as well as hearing.

Because they have a set amount of money to come up with the plan benefits, oftentimes Medicare Advantage provides the right amount of coverage for people, who require these “extra” benefits like dental. So in the end, yes, Medicare Advantage has dental, vision, hearing, and over-the-counter benefits.

Medicare Supplement

As for Medicare Supplement, benefits like dental and vision are an added cost in most cases. Typically – about 99% of the time – these “extra” benefits are not part of the package. The package includes Part A Hospital, Part B Medical, and a standalone PDP that would not include the extra benefits.

If the extra benefits are important to you, Empower suggests you consider a Medicare Advantage plan versus a traditional Medicare Supplement.

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