Anxiety Disorders: Causes, Treatment, and Medical Breakthroughs


Anxiety Disorders: Causes, Treatment, and Medical Breakthroughs

Throughout all of our lives, we each experience anxiety at different levels. Anxiety can leave us with a feeling of worries, anxiety, and fear, which cause impairment in our everyday lives. Living with anxiety can get worse over time if not treated, and although anxiety disorders are common, it may still be hard to talk about it and to even come to terms with having the disorder. We all might know someone who is suffering from anxiety, and it’s important to be able to detect the symptoms to help those suffering. Today, we will cover the cause of anxiety and the best ways to handle it when you feel an attack coming.

Where Does Anxiety Come from

Anxiety comes in all forms and can develop by separation from home, too much stress, personal life problems, and much more. Some of the main symptoms of anxiety disorder are excessive distress and continually worrying about traumatic events. You might also have reluctance or refusal to go to sleep, difficulty socializing in large groups, a desire live by yourself, and constant fear. If you have had these feelings for at least 4 weeks or longer, you should think about visiting your doctor for help.


There are many ways to help treat the feelings of anxiety. The main three ways of treatment are psychotherapy, medications, and complementary/alternative therapies. Counseling is one of the ways to help patients develop coping skills and breaking down the issues. Prolonged exposure therapy reintroduces trauma to the patient and uses coping techniques to help the patients relax. Another form of treatment is using a mixture of medications and psychotherapy. These medications are safe in general, but physicians should warn about possible side effects. Some medication that anxiety patients receive are usually antidepressants buspirone, beta blockers, as well as others. Alternatives to therapy suggest doing yoga or meditating in order to understand yourself and body more.

New Therapy Alternatives

There are also new therapies taking ground in the field, such as deep transcranial magnetic stimulation. The treatment includes coils in a safety helmet to target deeper brain regions. This treatment is still being tested and can last for 20 minutes for 4-6 weeks. Acupuncture has shown to help improve generalized anxiety; this treatment consists of thin needles being put into certain areas of your body.

Anxiety affects 18% of the world and is a rising concern. If you feel that you’re suffering from anxiety, talk to a loved one or your doctor to seek help.

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